Roman Libbertz

Roman Libbertz

, Germany

About Roman Libbertz

My name is Roman,
I was born 1977 in Munich and at the age of thirteen I became a painter. I can remember the exact moment as if it were yesterday. All of the sudden, following an irrepressible urge, I started tearing the posters from the walls of my room and then proceeded to cover the blank space with scribbles, paint and graffiti. And even though I had no plan when I began filling the walls, the result was astonishing: the flowing of the colors and images from one wall to another created a harmonious whole that seemed to be an extension of my innermost self.
Up to the present day I never know where each work of mine is going when I begin, but what I do know is that the moment I step back from the finished piece the world seems whole again and everything is at its place. This is the best way I know how to explain what is going on when I paint. It is the most fulfilling creative experience of my entire life.

Next exibition 7th of December 2012 - 1 February 2013 Galerie Hegemann

My work as a painter aside, I also studied law at Ludwigs-Maximilian-University and am an author (2 poem books, 1 short-story book published).
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