Romulo Martinez

Romulo Martinez

Frisco, TX, United States

About Romulo Martinez

I am Romulo, a Venezuelan artist residing in Frisco Texas, Bachelor in Arts from the University of Zulia, Venezuela and Master in Artistic Production from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. I 've had 10
solo exhibitions held in outstanding museums and cultural institutions, among them my most recent one in July 2020th IN BETWEEN was held at The Gallery 8086 in Frisco, Texas. I have also participated in more than 50 collective exhibitions and art salons in different Venezuelan cities, Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Maracay, Barcelona and Trujillo, and internationally in Bogotá-Colombia, Valencia-Spain, Miami-USA, Singapore-Singapore City, Lima-Peru, Fort Worth-USA, Denton-USA, Dallas-USA and Frisco-USA.

After living for three years in Bogota, Colombia, life ways brought me to Frisco, Texas where I have been residing since 2018.

In my artistic journey, I have been a faithful follower of color, which, with the impulse to deepen the potential of it, has led me in a fascinating way to study the iridescent effects that show and reflect the colors of the rainbow in natural and industrial elements present in our environment and societies, to represent them with the challenge and ingenuity that the proposals merit.

With a personal photographic experiment in my workshop, this aesthetic investigation began, which, when witnessing through the contemplative observation of color radiation inside an aqueous body after the decomposition of light, germinated in me the interest in investigate the color through light and the materialization of the intangible phenomenon, leading me to communicate what has been observed through various techniques, tools and materials that evoke and reproduce those variables, such as colors with their shades and approximations from one color to another, the wateriness with the organicity, brightness and the volume in expansion, and the light with transparency in colorless spaces to potentiate its chromatic values, all expressed in abstract and figurative contexts, nourished by the different elements that make up the worldview of the physical, geographical and cultural spaces that I inhabit, in order to provide viewers with a sensory visual experience, an experience that awakens an aesthetic delight reflected individually and collectively through the contemplation of colors and volumes.


Master in Artistic Production, specialty: Artistic Practice, Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos, Valencia, Spain.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, mention Painting. University of Zulia (LUZ) Experimental Faculty of Art (FEDA). School of Plastic Arts. Maracaibo, Venezuela.


SOLO Exhibitions:
• In Between. The Gallery 8680. Frisco. July 2020.
• Volumes. Crispeta Gallery. Bogotá. August 2017.
• Presented Material. La Pared Gallery. Bogotá. August 2016.
• Returnable Consumption. Alejando Otero Museum of Caracas. Room 4. March-May 2016.
• Consumables. Painting exhibition. Lateral Room Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia. Maracaibo. May July 2015.
• Restitution. Painting exhibition. Aula Magna of the University Rafael Urdaneta URU. Maracaibo. With catalog edition. January March 2015.
• From Outside and Inside. Painting exhibition. Itinerant space of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia, Kristoff Gallery, Maracaibo. January February 2013.
• Shared Perception. Painting exhibition. Room 3 of PDVSA La Estancia in Maracaibo. With catalog edition. May July 2012.
• July 5th with Universidad Av. Atmosphere. Alternative room of the Maracaibo Art Center Lia Bermúdez. September October 2008.
• In Maria. Painting exhibition. Room Francisco “Paco” Hung of the Tourist and Recreation Complex “Know your Bridge”. Maracaibo. November 2005 through February 2006.

Recent GROUP Exhibitions
• 1st Annual LGBTQIA+ Virtual Exhibition. 500x Gallery. Dallas. 2020
• “Interchanging Lines, Constructing Homes” Exhibit. ARTROOM. Fort Worth. 2020
• For the love of Kettle / For the love of the Artists. Exhibition at Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum. Dallas. 2020
• Halcyon: A Contemporary Collective. Janette Kennedy Art Gallery. 2019
• Art of Freedom. The Lawley Art Gallery. 2019
• Art en Blanc. The Gallery 8680. Frisco. 2019
• Common Knowledge. Armadillo Art Gallery. Denton. 2019
• Conduit: A contemporary collective by Envision Arts. Frisco Art Gallery. 2019
• 72 Annual Membership Show of the Texas Visual Art Association. TVAA Art Galery in Downtown Dallas. 2019
• Artrageous Juried Show by VAGF. Frisco Discovery Center. 2019
• Aruba Art Fair 2018. Maracaibo Contemporáneo Exhibit (Contemporary Maracaibo Exhibit). Aruba, October. 2018
• QUORUM: A Human Extravaganza. WyndWood Warehouse Project. Miami, September. 2017
• DC Art Gallery, Art Stage Singapore, Southeast Asia’s Flagship Art Fair. 2016.
• DC Art Gallery, Art Concept Bayfront Park Miami. 2016.
• DC Arte Gallery, Barcú International Art and Culture Fair. 3rd Edition. Bogotá. 2016.
• Exhibition Route 6. Room 4. Art Center of Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez. October 2015 through March 2016.
• Salon Young October 2014. Jesús Soto Museum. Ciudad Bolivar, Bolivar State.
• IX CEVAZ Salon of Emerging Artists. Cevaz Gallery. Maracaibo. 2015.
• Practical Vs. Theoretical. 2nd station. Room 2. Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia. Maracaibo. 2013.
• The fifth. Exhibition of Collective 2×1. Art Center of Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez. 2012.
• V International Festival of Independent Art INCUBARTE. Valencia Spain. 2012.
• VIII Salon CEVAZ of Emerging Artists. Cevaz Gallery. Maracaibo. 2012.
• VI National Young Artists Encounter with FIAAM. International Fair of Art and Antiques of Maracaibo. Art Center of Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez. 2011.
• Young Artists with the FIAAM, IV National Encounter. International Fair of Art and Antiques of Maracaibo. Art Center of Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez. 2011.
• National Salon of Young Artists of the Anzoátegui state. Art Gallery Pedro Báez of the School of Plastic Arts Armando Reverón of Barcelona, Venezuela. 2009.