Sjaak Kooij

Sjaak Kooij

Den Oever, Netherlands

About Sjaak Kooij

In my work I use elements of actuality, such as social, cultural or political issues that define our times. I take images from media and everyday events – alternated with footage from my personal archive – out of their original context, which creates an exciting interaction between image and content. As a result the spectator will be confronted with these contemporary topics in an entirely different way.

Themes as anonymity, estrangement, individualism and transience play a big role in the artwork. These themes – occasionally in an absurd staging – confront the spectator with the ideas and posed questions I put in. Hereby not taking position, but rather allowing the viewer to experience.

The work represents a search for boundaries, in which technique and image merge into a whole. Imagining these extremes manifests itself in dynamics and strong contrasts. The work derives partly
from the expressionistic method or is rather staged as substantive contrast. The different contrasts are not only reflected in content, but also in technique and design. Due to a layered method of working the painting will create a dialogue with itself during the process.

The act of painting itself, working with different materials with paint as its foundation, is an important part of the establishment of the artwork. The process of adding, removing and repainting, but above all exploring the medium painting, is essential for me as an artist.


AHK Amsterdam Art school in fine art and education, 2000- 2005.



de volgende voorstelling, group show, curated by Triple A Projects, theater de Appel Den Haag, 26-5 tot 3-6 2018
the Left Behind, solo show, Lil’ Amsterdam, Amsterdam 8-25 maart 2018
Projektraum Bahnhof 25, Kleve Germany, 3 – 25 februari 2018


This Art Fair, met Ron Lang Art, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 27 – 30 december 2017
UNCUT2, group show – Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, 14 augustus – 10 november 2017
Living the dream, solo show – de Boterhal Hoorn, 16 september – 22 oktober 2017
Kunst op de koffie – spijkerkwartier Arnhem, 6 – 9 oktober 2017
Closer to the sun, group show – Ron Lang Art, 17 juni – 13 juli 2017
YIA Art Fair Brussel – Ron Lang Art, 19-23 april 2017
Ramshackle Day Parade, solo show – Ron Lang Art, 8 april – 6 may 2017
Urban Landscapes, group show – de Boterhal Hoorn, 14 januari – 26 februari 2017
Paint it forward, group show – Cass Contemporary, Tampa FL USA, 17 februari 2017
Wandering of the mind, group show – Ron Lang Art, Amsterdam NL, 13 januari 2017
Hall of Fame – de Boterhal Hoorn, 3 december- 8 januari 2016/2017


This Art Fair – Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, 26 – 30 december 2016
museummarkt, museumnacht – CBK Amsterdam, 5 november 2016
final show, art residency – Spread Art, Detroit USA, july 2016
pop-up show; ‘big issues, little hands’ – Ferndale Detroit USA, july 2016
directors choice, group show – 19Karen contemporary artspace, Goldcoast Australia, july 2016