Samuel Buttner

Samuel Buttner

London, United Kingdom

About Samuel Buttner

London-based artist works with found objects, printed ready-mades as well as wood and bronze sculptures. Samuel Buttner exhibits internationally, has received awards and commissions for art in public spaces, and his work is held in both private and public collections. 'Remembering how my drawings as an eight-year-old received much attention, then opportunities for training during my teenage years leading to an education of professional wood sculptor. During my mid-twenties that enigmatic pull into social work with creativity for children and engagement in the special educational needs sector. The sculptor, printmaker and conceptual artist is grounded in life drawing, anatomical studies, and plein air painting. Much of the above would befriend me with Vincent van Gogh, valuing that eye-brain-hand-coordination for authentic, ecstatic expressiveness. Being equally aware how the subconscious gets visualized where it has been said that positive stimuli is evident as well as an artist philosopher, hence resonating with the like Marcel Duchamp exploring that limitless creativity-of-the-mind; that which is outside the box.'


2002 Degree with University of London/UK
1996 Diploma with Mattersey Hall College
1989-91 Education Social Worker
1985-87 Professional Carpenter
1982-85 Professional Wood Sculptor

Art Teachers/Mentors
Gotthard Richter, Sculptor/Mason
Walter Preik, Sculptor
Wilhelm Hilmer, Painter, Graphic Artist
Prof. Klaus Matthäi, Graphic Artist
Prof. Hans Brockhage, Wood Designer, lecturer at Fachschule für angewandte Kunst Schneeberg


2010 Awarded/commissioned for public monument, Germany
2010 Competition 'Sonnenbad', awarded 2nd prize, Germany
2010 Competition 'Sonnenbad', awarded 3rd prize, Germany
2005 EKH Art Prize, awarded 2nd prize, Germany


2009 presentation at Silver Ridge Community Center, New Castle, Australia
2009 presentation at EM North Shore, Sydney, Australia
2009 presentation at Universitas Bethel, Jakarta Indonesia
2008 exhibiting at 798 Art Zone, Peking, China
2006 exhibiting at Sparkasse Vogtland, Plauen, Germany
2005 exhibiting at St.-Georgen, Schwarzenberg, Germany
2005 exhibiting at Sparkasse, Schwarzenberg, Germany
1998-2002 frequently Open Studio, Schonungen/Schweinfurt, Germany
1994 graffito-performance, Mattersey, United Kingdom

2016 ‘Stop, Go, Go!’, Stanley Picker Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2015 ‘Children’s Art Week Exhibition & Auction’, Stanley Picker Gallery
2013 ‘The Last Man’ Stanley Picker Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2012 ‘Untitled Artists Fair’, London, United Kingdom
2011 ‘Art Figura’, Schwarzenberg, Germany
2011 Gallery Heinrich-Hartmann-House, Oelsnitz, Germany
2010 Gallery Castle Alsheim/Frankfurt, Germany
2010 ‘Sculpture Garden Sun Forest’, Grattersdorf/Munich, Germany
2010 Saxony State Parliament, Dresden, Germany
2009 Golden Mantis Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China
2009 Gallery in the Malt House, Plauen, Germany
2009 ‘Art Figura’, Schwarzenberg, Germany
2008 New Saxon Gallery, Chemnitz, Germany
2008 Museum Schwarzenberg, Germany
2006 Galerie im Malzhaus, Plauen, Germany
2005 Städtisches Kunstmuseum Spendhaus/Städtische Galerie, Reutlingen, Germany
2005 Sächsischer Landtag, Dresden, Germany
2004 Neue Sächsische Galerie, Chemnitz, Germany
2003 Prof. Hans Brockhage‘s Studio, Schwarzenberg, Germany
2002 ‘Maze of Art’, Wurzburg, Germany
2001 ‘Irrgarten der Kunst, Schweinfurt, Germany
2001 ‘Fire and Water’, international sculpture work shop, Schilbach, Germany
1997 concept art projects, collaborating with artist Christoph Rossner, Aue, Germany
1991 leading sculpture work shop, Neinstedt, Germany
1987 ‘Pictorial Folk Art’, Dresden, Germany
1986 ‘Ausstellung des bildnerischen Volkskunstschaffens, Magdeburg Germany