Sandrine Pelissier

Sandrine Pelissier

North Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Sandrine Pelissier

Figurative series
I want to offer an alternative to representation of women in art by celebrating the true beauty and diversity of real bodies of all ages and shapes.

Like most women, I have struggled with body image most of my life, being constantly told I was too thin as a child and teenager and not thin enough as an older woman. So I want to represent the female body in a non sexual, objectifying or exploitative way and challenge the mainstream narrative that women are only worth our attention when adhering to certain stereotypes of youth, thinness and perfection.

Real people in all their diversity and imperfection deserve to be the subject of fine art and I would like my art to help people, and in particular women feel confident, proud, valued and accepted as they are. I work from drawings made in life drawing classes with inspiring and diverse models.

Nature series

Many visitors comment that my forest paintings make them feel relaxed and are capturing how it feels to be in the west coast rain forest.

In most of these paintings, time is made visible with repetitive lines, detailed patterns or scribbles that mark seconds like a metronome.
I like to think there is value in spending time making something that has no other use than being looked at, being devoted to the creative play and making that time tangible on the canvas. This is very much in opposition to how time is perceived in our society where there is a lot of pressure for efficient time management.


My flower paintings series are all made from imagination and I want them to add a touch of brightness, color and joy that will light up a room.


Lycée polyvalent de Cergy '87
University of Rouen '92 -Biology


co-founder of the North Shore Art Crawl.



ArtSpeaks Showcase Exhibition for the Harmony Arts Festival at the Ferry Building
Venus rising, exhibition at the Vancouver Italian Cultural Center
Bark exhibition at the VanDusen botanical garden
Painting on the Edge at the Federation of Canadian Artists


Painting on the edge at the Federation of Canadian Artists- Award third place
National Crossing Boundaries Arts Exhibition at the International Arts Gallery and the Federation of Canadian Artists gallery.​
First Western Canadian Artists Portrait Exhibition at the International Arts Gallery
Works on paper at the Federation of Canadian Artists- 2nd place Award
Organized chaos, group exhibition of abstracts and semi abstracts works at the International Arts Gallery.