Sara Armstrong

Sara Armstrong

Alton, hampshire, United Kingdom

About Sara Armstrong

This is me... Sara Jean Armstrong the Art Addict. Welcome to my mind and world of art. My fears, passions and opinions emotionally slapped in paint. I thrive on the meaning behind art, the purpose behind all this liquid mass, unveiling to myself the initial thought onto paper. Whether that be political or personal, I hope you will join and support me through my bewildered ideas.
I went to Alton College in Hampshire and achieved 3 distinction stars specializing in Fine Art, and have spurred myself on to express my view and my bizarre passions through my love for art. I like to paint in different techniques completely free hand using acrylic paint with palette knifes and sometimes biro with inks. My subject varies from theatrical faces, dark art with a twist, motorbikes and anything weird or wonderful I can think of in my head I put to paper! I do a lot of pet and bike commissions and sometimes family portraits. Have recently finished a large wall mural at Loomies Moto Cafe, and am now working with a new metal bands to create some powerful images. In addition to this, I love to create my own projects personal to me on the side, such as my new ‘Billy cat pollution’ series. I am inspired heavily by the history of art and the artists that took it further to not just paint a pretty picture, but exhibit an opinion and a change. Which I aspire to one day generate an impact myself into the art world.


Studied BTEC Art and Design at Alton College, specializing in Fine Art, achieving D*D*D*
Equivalent to three top mark A levels.