Raquel Sarangello

Raquel Sarangello

Buenos Aires, 6600, Argentina

About Raquel Sarangello

Established artists, their works are in galleries WORLD ESPECIALLY IN EUROPE sarangello@gmail.com.
For six years working dabbled in sculpture in polyester resin and glass, with great impact on their work. Now on display ITALY AND MEXICO , Galerie d France. Museo Karura Art Center painting oil and acrilic. WORKS IN THE BOOK OF ENGLAND tango therapy Museum Art Center my painting


Talleres de pintura de los artistas Gabriel Sainz, , Nicolás Menza, Diana Aizemberg, Enrique Crosatto, Marcela Cueto, Taller de escultura de Claudia Aranovich, Taller de serigrafía de Ricardo Calvo.


For six years working dabbled in sculpture in polyester resin and glass, with great impact on their work. Now on display ITALY AND MEXICO , Galerie d France. Museo Karura Art Center painting oil and acrilic. WORKS IN THE BOOK OF ENGLAND tango therapy Museum Art Center my painting

Argentine painter of figurative style, Raquel Sarángello combines the strong outline and the alive(vivacious) color to show a daily reality of prominent figures of melancholy faces and simple happiness. His(her,your) work manages penetrates the threshold of the soul of the observer Sus works they are in private and public collections of Italy, Belgium, France, the USA, Holland, Russia, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Ireland, Costa Rica etc At present exhibits in permanent form in galleries of Italy.

2009 Solo Exhibition Art Space Diseñarte Argentina HEALTH ART exhibition in Spain National Painting Exhibition Hall Mercedes (B) Argentina

Year 2008: Permanent Exhibition The art gallery Mucchia (Cortona, Italy). Gala Gallery Exhibition in Argentina. Gory Art Gallery Exhibition in Spain.

Year 2007: From the Classical Exposure, B. Aires, Argentina. Permanent exhibition of works by Miranda, Mercedes (Bs As). Group exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. Group exhibition in Colombia.

2006: Exhibition at the Gallery Sketch of La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Permanent exhibition in the Pasaje San Lorenzo (Defense and Chile), Sundays from 11 to 20 hours. San Telmo, Bs.As, Argentina. Hopefully Restó Exhibition in Chivilcoy, Pcia Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sculpture Workshop Claudia Aranovich resins. RvanR Gallery Exhibition in San Telmo, B. Aires, Argentina. Vaezarte Gallery Exhibition in Uruguay. Saatchi Gallery exhibition in London.

2005: Exhibition at the Art Gallery of Budapest Russia. Exhibition at the 2nd National Exhibition of Painting of the City of Mercedes. Participation in art auction for the International Jazz Festival, the Free Theater in Bogotá. Solo exhibition in the Complejo Ameghino-Marin City Mercedes (B). Group Exhibition CROMOS 4 Social Museum at the University of Argentina. The 2nd Ibero-American Artists Exhibition at Convent Sant Agusti in Barcelona Spain.

2004: Exhibition in City of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. Exhibition at National University of San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Painting Competition Exhibition at the Cultural Complex Mercedes Marin Ameghino, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Exhibition Gallery on Olvera Texas, USA.

2003: Exhibition at Gallery Arteescondido Palermo, Capital Federal, Argentina. Exhibition in 8th Festival of Cinema, at Auditorio CCOO Madrid, Spain. Exhibition at the Argentine Automobile Club in the city of Mercedes. XIX National Exhibition of Painting of the Bar of Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2002: Exhibition and auction to benefit the Caritas Argentina Vincentian Mercedes. Bs Aires, Argentina. Sivori Museum Exhibition Award in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2001: Selected National Salon of Plastic Arts "The woman and her cultural role" in Buenos Aires Province Museum of Fine Arts, La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). XVIII National Painting Show, org. Bar Association Judicial Department Mercedes (Buenos Aires, Argentina). VI Hall Award Mercosur Juanito Laguna, org. Volpe Stessens Foundation (Argentina).

2000: XXII National Exhibition of Painting at the Museum "Fernan Felix Amador Lujan (GBA).

Works in private and public collections in Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, USA, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Russia, etc.

Fundacion lucha contra el Sida, Madrid, Spain.
Gallery Rainbow Russian School in Budapest.
Artist's Statement


Individual exhibitions 2017 Icons / Spectrum - Miami, United States 2016 Abuses / MAMM Art Museum - M, Bs As, Argentina 2015 Characters / Gallery Italy - Madrid, United States 2014 Women / Hotel Al Cielo - Rivera Maya, Mexico 2008 Tuscany / Gallery La Mucchia - Siena, Italy 2007 Two for one / Cultural Complex - Mcdes, Bs As, Argentina 2006 Andean / Cultural Space "Ojalá" Argentina - Chivilcoy, Argentina
Collective exhibitions 2017 Independent Art Fair / Palermo Soho - Capital Federal, Argentina 2016 Contemporary art / Contemporary art gallery - Monaco, Monaco 2015 Circulating Art / Art Space - Capital Federal, Argentina 2015 Contemporary art / Art RO - Rosario, Argentina 2014 Art contemporary / Gory art gallery - Barcelona, ​​Spain 2014 Art collective / Gallery Gala - Mcdes, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014 I believe / Isidro Art space - Coronel Suárez, Argentina 2014 Autumn / RvanR Gallery - Capital Federal, Argentina 2013 Artists / Borges Cultural Center - Capital Federal, Argentina 2013 Tramas / Guijiana Art Gallery - Capital Federal, Argentina 2013 Pinturas / Sol Victoria Hotel - Entre Ríos, Argentina 2013 Contemporary / Guijiana Art Gallery - Capital Federal, Argentina 2011 Paintings / Veyrié Gallery - France , France 2007 Exhibition of Ibero-American Artists / Convent of San Agustín - Barcelona, ​​Spain 2007 Paintings / Gallery Boceto - Capital Federal, Argentina 2004 Pinta / Cultural Center - Tenerife, Canary Islands 2004 / National University of San Martín - Federal Capital, Argentina 2004 Paintings / Olvera Exhibitions Gallery - Texas, United States 2003 Art Collective / Gallery Arteescondido - Capital Federal, Argentina 2003 Gay Art / 8th CCOO Auditorium Film Festival - Madrid, Spain 2003 Mercosur VI Hall Juanito Laguna Prize / Volpe Stessens Foundation - Federal Capital, Argentina 2002 XXII National Painting / Museum "Fernan Felix Amador - Luján , Argentina 2002 International Jazz Festival / Free Theater - Bogotá, Colombia 2002 Rencuentros / Art University - Budapest, Hungary