Sara C Richardson

Sara C Richardson

Williamsburg / VA Beach, VA, United States

About Sara C Richardson

The Eumenides Series originally began by making connections to my b/w landscape paintings. Over time, the work leapt from exploring different land compositions to introducing subtle and not-so-subtle representational elements. The story has begun to shift.

The Eumenides Series directly relates to a time period around The Furies being renamed. I respond in the paintings to questions I have about the why’s and how’s surrounding the renaming. Where did all their power go? What happened to their fury? Did they change in appearance? There is a lot of calculated upheaval compositionally in the work that creates beautiful chaos and reflects my pile of questions.

Recently, I began drawing with different tools and mediums to combine the energy of the land with natural elements and objects. The effect is somewhat dreamy but in an charged Furies kind of way. I have been thinking a lot about what that would look like…The Furies dubbed Eumendies manifesting as non-human biological and anthropomorphic entities. A force. An organic uprising or revolution with an intense reaction to the modern world. A ‘kindly ones’ protest.


University of Washington, MFA
University of Kansas, BFA
School of the Art Institute Chicago - Summer Programs


Williamsburg Contemporary Art, VA – juried show
Galerie Elektra - Bay Area - ongoing
Stryker Center, VA - group show
Bella Art, CO - featured artist solo show
222 Gallery, L.A. - juried show
Bellevue Arts Museum, WA - juried show
Springfield Art Museum, MO - juried show
Brokers Building, CA - group show
University of Washington - MFA thesis exhibition
University of Kansas - Honors Exhibitions - permanent collection