Saverio Carubia

Saverio Carubia

Cianciana (Ag), Sicily, Italy

About Saverio Carubia

Saverio was Born in the City of Cianciana Province Agrigento Sicily Italy in 1967. He was a Creative Child and Loved Ballet as he had Strong feet and could walk on the tips of his toes barefoot on Marble. In 1977 he moved to England with his Family and Loved the new Language even though it was a challenge.


He excelled in Art Class and had his first Art Show At The Age of 12 At The John Warner School in Hoddesdon Hertfodshire. His Art Teacher praised him telling him he had a future in Art To even Becoming a Professor if he carried on To Universaty. He thanked his Teacher but he Told him he prefferd Drama. At The Age of 14 He was accepted At The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain also began Modelling and did his 1st Film " Boy Jesus " ,he also Won The Best Actors Cup in his School Play that year. He got the highest Grade in his 'O ' Level exam at the age of 15 and they were To be the Last of his Paintings.


After, getting his Diploma in Acting At East Herts College, Turnford. He travelled To Los Angeles and Europe in 1987 / '89 Modelling and exploring with Photography and also seeking a Acting Carrear. By mid 1989 he based himself in Los Angeles Becoming Member of SAG- AFTRA with the AKA of Sav Farrow Acting in Films and TV Shows Commercials and Modelling.


By 1992 he felt He needed To Express Colour and figures . After 10 years he picked Up a brush and Canvas and began To Paint in his Los Angeles Home. This has led Saverio not only To having a satisfying Acting Carrear but also Creating many Collections of Art Work and Photographs. His Art Work has been shown in Private Homes in Los Angeles as well as Art Shops such as in Via di Ripetta Rome and also Sold To Clients by Commitions. His Photographs Have appeard in such Magazines as The Globe, The Sun, News of The World, England and Australia.