Scott Schaerer

Scott Schaerer

Portland, OR, United States

About Scott Schaerer

Some of my earliest memories were helping my dad rock developing trays in the darkroom at age 8, and I was mesmerized as images would magically appear. I was instantly in love with the process, and I have been a fine art photographer for nearly 40 years.

I learned the process of seeing, exposure, and developing fine art black and white prints at an early age from my father. He was active in the Carmel, CA photography scene in the late 60's and early 70's, learning directly from the great pioneers in artistic photography. My birthplace was near Carmel, where I was also figuratively born as a photographer at Point Lobos.

My purpose is to help everybody see amazing things, as close to their true nature as possible, and ultimately make everyone curious about this incredible, beautiful universe around us. I keep any darkroom and digital editing to a minimum in all my images, with a preference for natural light and original subject matter. I love abstracts and images with movement, and many viewers of my works think I've edited later - I haven't, which makes the abstract so much fun.

I have selected a much different path to distributing my works, one I believe no fine-art photographer alive today is doing with their entire body of work. Starting in August 2019, with an online gallery refresh and new focus, all my new prints and portfolios are true originals, editioned 1 of 1, providing patrons maximum collectability and value. Prints not sold monthly are removed from my inventory through a process of 'creative destruction', then can only be viewed afterward on my site or in future book publications. I will be distributing my art this way for the remainder of my life. I decided to take this path to encourage collectors, get the immediate feedback and critique which is necessary to grow as an artist, and it forces me to always be producing fresh, new works.

While the majority of my work is in black and white, I have embraced digital photography and see some great opportunities in color, so look for many color portfolios in the coming years.

I appreciate your patronage and encourage all feedback. I view my artwork as a never-ending dialogue with patrons. If we haven’t connected yet, please reach out and let me know what you think of my images and any favorites you might have.


University of Oregon


August 2019 - New Website Release


Latest Exhibits:

April-July 2018
Crossroads Carnegie Art Center
'Cascadia', Touring Exhibit, Book Publication
Juried Selection

March-April 2018
PDX 30, Lightbox Gallery, Astoria, OR
Juried Group Show of Top 30 photographers from Portland, OR

March-June 2017
Solo show, 24 Prints 'Landscapes'
Johnstone Gallery, Lake Oswego, OR