Geometry Sculpture For Sale

ISO 3 image


Sculpture23.6 W x 23.6 H x 1.6 in

Tall Sculpt #1 image

Tall Sculpt #1

Sculpture12 W x 52 H x 12 in

Sean Lim

United States

"Column" image


Sculpture23.6 W x 102.4 H x 23.6 in

Floating cube image

Floating cube

Sculpture15.7 W x 15.7 H x 15.7 in

R182 image


Sculpture15.4 W x 20.5 H x 1 in



Sculpture12 W x 36 H x 3 in

Allen Hampton

United States

Interactions Interspécifiques  image

Interactions Interspécifiques

Sculpture59.1 W x 118.1 H x 59.1 in

The Dreidel Labyrinth Sculpture©Series 4 image

The Dreidel Labyrinth Sculpture©Series 4

Sculpture60 W x 102 H x 60 in

Marcia Raff

United States

Progressive component image

Progressive component

Sculpture13 W x 24.8 H x 1.8 in

Composition 12-32 A / 85x85x2 cm. image

Composition 12-32 A / 85x85x2 cm.

Sculpture33.4 W x 33.4 H x 0.8 in

You are mine (EMDR T79) image

You are mine (EMDR T79)

Sculpture11.8 W x 7.9 H x 11.8 in

R166 image


Sculpture24 W x 29.3 H x 1.8 in

Sixty Four image

Sixty Four

Sculpture30.3 W x 30.3 H x 3.9 in

Mosaic Bowl image

Mosaic Bowl

Sculpture19.7 W x 6.3 H x 19.7 in

XLI image


Sculpture24 W x 22 H x 6 in

James K-M


Sculpture: red/black polished image

Sculpture: red/black polished

Sculpture17.7 W x 17.7 H x 3.9 in

Karin Hodes


Universos paralelos image

Universos paralelos

Sculpture23.6 W x 19.7 H x 23.6 in

Empirical Dynamic Modeling image

Empirical Dynamic Modeling

Sculpture12 W x 28 H x 10 in

Object 4 image

Object 4

Sculpture15.7 W x 7.9 H x 15.7 in

Nina Nineska


HOLOS Gold 5 image

HOLOS Gold 5

Sculpture5 W x 2.5 H x 5 in

Brian Berman

United States

Architecture No 6. image

Architecture No 6.

Sculpture13.3 W x 10.2 H x 19.6 in

Starway image


Sculpture15 W x 15 H x 15 in

Veron Ennis

United States

Grave Goods I image

Grave Goods I

Sculpture10 W x 6 H x 3 in

Jeff Davis

United States

"Conflict" image


Sculpture17.7 W x 86.6 H x 17.7 in

406-16 image


Sculpture12 W x 23 H x 4 in

Kevin O'Toole

United States

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