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Browse our wide-ranging selection of over 2,333 original Impressionism sculptures by artists working in a variety of mediums. Suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces, sculptures anchor a space and are available in numerous textures and colors.










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Lavenders image


Sculpture16.5 W x 20.5 H x 0.8 in

Vahe Yeremyan

United States


Prints from $40

Let Them Live - 4 image

Let Them Live - 4

Sculpture9.2 W x 9.2 H x 2 in

Varykino: The Ice Palace image

Varykino: The Ice Palace

Sculpture120 W x 90 H x 12 in

Leisa Rich

United States


Deep-Sea Coral image

Deep-Sea Coral

Sculpture19.8 W x 19.8 H x 1 in

Olga Skorokhod

United States


tempest image


Sculpture19.7 W x 47.2 H x 23.6 in

Pouring the Milky Way image

Pouring the Milky Way

Sculpture7.9 W x 7.9 H x 1.6 in

van Lanigh



Prints from $45

Trail of Birds image

Trail of Birds

Sculpture14.2 W x 37.4 H x 3.9 in


Comme chaque été... | « LIKE EVERY SUMMER... » (2020) image


Masai 2971 Aldebaran (Star man) image

Masai 2971 Aldebaran (Star man)

Sculpture14.2 W x 81.9 H x 14.2 in


"The Wind God" image

"The Wind God"

Sculpture21.7 W x 15.7 H x 7.9 in


"Impressions of a City" image

"Impressions of a City"

Sculpture12 W x 29 H x 8 in

Joel Shapses

United States


Children's play hopscotch(third topic) image

Children's play hopscotch(third topic)

Sculpture23 W x 25 H x 12 in

Zakir Akhmedov



Skin No.1 image

Skin No.1

Sculpture20 W x 20 H x 5 in

Kenny Nguyen

United States


Fragmented memories / Recuerdos fragmentados image

Fragmented memories / Recuerdos fragmentados

Sculpture66 W x 65 H x 53 in


"Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny" image

"Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny"

Sculpture7 W x 28 H x 7 in

Joel Shapses

United States


"'Meeting II'' image

"'Meeting II''

Sculpture15.7 W x 11 H x 6.1 in


Prints from $53

Vinea Crescente Dress (Growing Vine Dress) image

Vinea Crescente Dress (Growing Vine Dress)

Sculpture26 W x 42 H x 11 in

Susan Freda

United States


Let them live-1 image

Let them live-1

Sculpture9.2 W x 9.2 H x 2 in

Dancing Fruit Bowl image

Dancing Fruit Bowl

Sculpture7.9 W x 8.3 H x 6.7 in


Asleep At The Wheel image

Asleep At The Wheel

Sculpture3 W x 12 H x 3 in

Mark Yale Harris

United States


Belisama Helder image

Belisama Helder

Sculpture16.5 W x 25.2 H x 5.1 in


Woman Bathing image

Woman Bathing

Sculpture4 W x 8 H x 4 in

Steven Hunter

United Kingdom


Hard Winter DT image

Hard Winter DT

Sculpture16 W x 32 H x 12 in

Mark Yale Harris

United States


Andromeda (Star woman) image

Andromeda (Star woman)

Sculpture19.7 W x 92.5 H x 26.8 in


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