Seb Agnew

Seb Agnew

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

About Seb Agnew

Seb Agnew is a photo artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Within staged and often dreamlike sceneries, he explores the human psyche and our modern society.

Disorientation, momentary solitude and lonesome reflection are recurring themes within Seb’s conceptual body of work. His images are strongly characterized by elaborate set design, distinctive lighting and carefully arranged composition.

In order to create his surreal, mysterious and cinematic settings, Seb transforms whole rooms or builds his locations completely as miniature sets in which he later integrates his life-size models.


During his studies of “Audiovisual Media” (B.Eng.) in Stuttgart, Germany, Seb specialised in photography and post production to lay the foundations of his future work. In order to pass on his skills professionally, he later studied “Vocational Education” (M.Ed., B.Sc.) at the university of Hamburg, Germany.

Today, Seb is excited to be able to work independently as a photo artist and to teach aspiring photographers at the “Vocational School for Media and Communication” in Hamburg, Germany.