Seth Howe

Seth Howe

New York, NY, United States

About Seth Howe

My artwork is an ongoing investigation into the nature of perception. I’m fascinated by the fundamental act of seeing: the raw underlying experience of understanding the world through visual sensation, memory, and active observation.

Trained as both an architect and artist, I have been deeply influenced by the relationship of our bodies to the built environment, and have focused my current work on the mechanism of seeing itself. I question how we can navigate and make sense of the physical world, and how language, social constructs, and visual signs all play a role in how we perceive our surroundings.

Working with minimalist sculpture, digital photography, and video, I strive to bring an awareness and focus to the presence of seemingly ordinary things around us. Ultimately, I am attempting to capture the essence of perception — the singular moment in space and time when the world appears new, unfamiliar, and sublime.


Cornell University, Bachelor of Architecture
Hunter College, Master of Fine Arts


Recent Exhibit:

Artfair 14C
Jersey City, NJ
February 2020

The Other Art Fair
Brooklyn, NY
November 2019

Satellite Art Show
Treat Gallery
October 2019

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Summer 2019