Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas

Laguna Beach, CA, United States

About Shaun Thomas

Equal parts complimentary and opposing, Shaun Thomas' contemporary "Sun & Moon" collection uses a mix of different mediums which include the use of real stone slabs, exotic woods or various materials. This duality makes for an interesting and versatile piece of art. The careful and thoughtful design work makes for a stunning aesthetic. The quality of the material allows for the detailing and overall impact of the design to stand true.

Ready to capture any mood with their deep duality designs, these mixed medium contemporary sculptures appeal to a wide audience and a variety of scenes and situations.

Located in the popular downtown of Laguna Beach, California, Shaun Thomas' gallery Thomas Studios, features his Contemporary Sculpture collection as well as his popular Coastal inspired wood sculptures.


Cal State Fullerton University


2018 - Current // Thomas Studios, Laguna Beach, CA