Siri Skogstad Berntsen

Siri Skogstad Berntsen

Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway

About Siri Skogstad Berntsen

In a multidimensional world, art is one of the forms of expression that bring people closer together, beyond the borders of different languages.

Common human emotions of pain, sorrow and loneliness, that affect all of us, is often a subtle theme in my works, portraying or showing our confusion and suffering, that goes hand in hand with our daily life situations and experiences. The approach connects us to the melancholy of the perishable, the transient and ephemeral of our fleeting and passing presence as humans. Thematically, works are found within a conceptual tradition, or as representations of emotional landscapes.

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Skogstad Berntsen is born in Tromsø, Norway, 1968, resides in Tromsø, Norway. As a visual artist, she is educated through several courses in the period 2008-2014.

From Norwegian Printmakers Studio in Oslo (2011/14):
Printmaking I

Printmaking II
Lithography I

Lithography II

From Verket Art School, Trondheim (2009-2011):

Printmaking I
Printmaking II
Printmaking III
Yearcourse, different techniques 

Free hand drawing I
Free hand drawing II

Painting I
The human body

1.year Illustration, Norges Kreative Fagskole (2008)
Macoperator, Centre for Graphic Competence (2007)


Upcoming exhibition, Tromsø Norway, 2021. Date not set.