Soyeun Park

Soyeun Park

Seoul, ,, South Korea

About Soyeun Park

Life differs from person to person, and the landscape of life also varies among individuals. The landscape of life in different spaces varies depending on one's emotions and experiences. The landscape is perceived differently depending on the depth of volition and interest, making it even more amusing.
It was in the year 2011 when the researcher was first inspired by the scaffold (飛階, installation used for construction work), the subject for this work, while the researcher happened to witness the construction site through the school window, a landscape where the construction frame and insecureness of labor were both felt at the same time, with the hope that this common landscape would become the center of healthy and safe lives. The scaffolding (飛階) work, which had been of steady interest since then, has been expressed in recent works along with various plants such as Dendropanax morbifera and Loquat.


M.F.A / B.F.A in Oriental Painting, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea


Solo Exhibitions
2017 The Scaffolding through Dendropanax morbifera and Loquat. Trunk Gallery , Seoul
2009 Blick, Gallery of Korean Culture Center of Korea Embassy in Germany , Berlin
2007 Face, Gallery Rock , Seoul
2005 Face , Canon Gallery, Busan

Group Exhibitions
2020 A Bird’s-Eye View of Ecology (Gwangju Museum of Art Ha Jung-woong Museum of Atr,
2020 A Secret Botanical Garden (GS Caltex Yeulmaru, Yeosu)
2019 Imagination Bungee jump (Hanbyeokwon Art Museum, Seoul)
2018 Precious things are near(Ahnkang Hospital for Pain Free, Seoul)
2017 Hi, We Home (Yeulmaru, Yeosu)
2017 New Acquisition 2017 / Namdo Artbank (U-Square Culture, Gumho gallery, Gwangju)
2015 Art canvas project, (galleryartbn, Seoul,Gallery Kunst Direkt /Regensburg Germany)
2013 Triangle art Festival, (Space K , Gwangju)
2013 from artist-studio (Space HaaM , Seoul)
2010 Jet`aim! Tiger, ( Palais de Seoul, Seoul)
2009 WAS, (GEUMJEONG Cultural Center, Busan)
2007 Young artists face before, (space Bandee, Busan)

2017 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Visual Arts – support for artists , Seoul, Korea
2009 The 5th Kyunghyang Art Competition, (Kyuunghyang Daily Newspaper Gallery, Seoul)

Seoul Metropolitan Government Culture Headquarters Museum Division
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea “Government Art Bank”
Namdo Artbank, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Master's Thesis
Study on Landscape Through Scaffold
-With a Main Focus on the Author's Work- (Park Soyeun, 2019)