Sofia Buxo

Sofia Buxo

Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain

About Sofia Buxo

SOFÍA BUXÓ (Barcelona, 1959). Licensed in Art History (1981) and Fine Arts (painting) (1982).
All my life has been related with art: drawing, painting, photo shooting, modeling, cooking, always creating things in a way or another.


I studied
Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona
and History of Art in the University of Barcelona.


I have edited and presented two video art films.
First Young Painting Prize of Sala Parés,
Selected in the International Drawing Competition Fundació Ynglada Guillot, Fundació Vilacasas, Palau Virreina and Palau Meca.
Selected in Honorable Mention Tapiró Medal of Painting in Diputació provincial Tarragona.
Selected in International Competition Painting of Pollença, Mallorca.
Selected in Competition Painting in Palau Miramar of Sitges.
Selected in Compettion Sculture in Palau Miramar of Sitges.


Throughout my life and since I was 17 years old, I have exhibited in several important galleries, in Barcelona most of the time, but also outside: Sala Parés, Galeria Kreisler, Barnadas, Singular, Casa Elizalde, Palau Robert, Galeria Pérgamon, Grafica 4, Canals Galeria Art, Marc 3, Galera AG Girona, Galerie Azahar, Paris, Feria Estampa Madrid, Galerias Augusta, Galeria Art Petritxol, Galeria Pilares Cuenca, Galeria Sargadelos, WTC, Hotel Gran Marina, Hector Albericio, Palau Virreina, Estripa'm Sabadell, Palau Miramar Sitges.