Ramos Laetitia

Ramos Laetitia

Marseille, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, France

About Ramos Laetitia

I was born and raised in Marseille, a city in the South of France. I studied at the Marseille School of Fine Arts for 3 years.

The moment when I paint is a moment I feel confronted to my real self. There's the concept of confrontation all around my work. In a more obvious and visible way, this concept is materially present when I play with the aspect of the painting, the material and the influence of the reflection of the light on it. I confront glossy paint and matt paint to create a contrast, which depend of the direction of the light, and the place from where the person is watching the painting.
Sometimes, I clearly use a strong color contrast, as we can see it on my black & white series.

I consider all the characters of my paintings like my personified anguishes. They are situated beetween human being, animal and monster. Some of them aren't naturally monstrous, but they are in a tense situation which makes them disturbing.

Every strange people and animal I meet, every strange feeling I get, is for me the biggest source of inspiration I can find.


Ecole Supérieure d'Art & de Design Marseille Méditerranée
(2010 -2013)