Laura Şoneriu

Laura Şoneriu

Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

About Laura Şoneriu

I love to sculpt!
All of my works are closely related to the human condition, to our passions and the feelings that we experience throughout the course of our lives. Each of my work endeavours to find the harmony and balance between sharp and soft shapes denoting the duality of void and full, yin and yang, light and the absence of it, intrinsic to every beeing that goes through the worldly experience called Life.


2007- 2009 MA in Sculpture, Fine Art University,Timisoara
2003- 2007 BA in Sculpture, Fine Art University, Timisoara
1999- 2003 Highschool of Fine Art, Sculpture, Tg. Mures


2020 Swiss Art Expo Zurich, Switzerland
2020 Artbox/Project, Barcelona, Spain
2020 Salon of sculptures, Bucharest, Romania
2019 Artbox/ Project Miami, USA
2019 Exposicion colectiva, Gaudi Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2019 Fusion Art, Noblesse Palace, Bucharest, Romania
2019 Paris Art Fair 2019, Paris, France
2018 Kolner Liste, Koln, Germany
2018 Exposicion colectiva, Gaudi Gallery, Madrid Spain
2018 Sculpture and drawing salon, Bucharest, Romania
2018 The artbox project New York 1.0, U.S.A.
2017 The artbox project Basel 1.0, Switzerland
2017 It's liquid contest 4th edition, Italy
2017 Winterart Breasl@altfel, Bucharest, Romania
2017 Sculptors drawins, Tipografia Gallery, Bucharest