Sonia Lagier

Sonia Lagier

Paris, France, France

About Sonia Lagier I was born in Buenos-Aires and I grew up between France and Argentina. I live in France.

The base of my work is the living matter, the human, animal or vegetable flesh because I try to reach the alive in its substance. The living matter is livened up, crossed by stories and by memoiries. It is vibrating, made of infinite strata, in a perpetual movement.
Each of its strata is a world which appears to me as I paint and that I like to investigate. In order to go in the depths of this material, it is necessary to me to dissect it, to question it in all its crudeness. Beyond the appearance, it so raw and rough that it would not know how to lie.
In the texture and the composition of my paintings, I try to express sensations, to exceed the strict resemblance.
I attach a big importance for the craft dimension of the work. Going up a frame, tightening the painting, crushing pigments, this manual, indispensable approach, is my first contact with the subject.


2005-2009 Beaux Arts de la ville de Paris
2004-2007 ENSBA, National Fine Arts Academy, Paris - Painting class
1997 Ecole Duperré, Paris - High school of applied arts


2015 Residence Talents - Meschers, France
2014 Plataforma Revólver - Lisbon, Portugal


2015 Private viewing - Paris
2012 Collectie Galerie - Paris

2013 Group show of contemporary art, Centre La Jonquière - Paris
2013 Nuit Blanche Paris, Le 100
2012 Fair Les Hivernales - Montreuil
2012 Expocalypse, private collector - Paris
2010 Galerie de l’Europe - Paris