Sonja Heller

Sonja Heller

Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

About Sonja Heller

My subjects are literature, graphics and photography. I have been combining these for a long time to Visual Poetry. I have never been interested in the developments on the art market, so my work is original and completely out of me.
For years I have been following the theme "cocoon" with a photo series and the Typo-Portraits. The question is: who are you and how and what do you show of yourself? What is the representation to the outside world and who are you really?
But I also work quite freely.

For the Typo-Portraits I use my own texts and graphic portraits, which are based on photos of people I have created. The text is purely fictitious and the portraits are only a projection surface.
The text describes a short sequence from the life of the person depicted, a mood picture, an emotional reflection from the inside of the "cocoon". I like to refer to the text as the first page of a novel that will never be written. Or as a "scenic miniature". With the graphic portraits I depict states.

In photography, the technique is not important to me, but the result I achieve through various imaging techniques. Besides classical cameras (digital and analog) I also use the cell phone, the PC camera or - preferably - an 20 years old agfa scanner. Working with the scanner is a complex, time-consuming and very conceptual artistic process.

Herein lies the special feature of my work: the complexity of the subject is reflected in the realization, which however appears playful and playful at first glance.

"It was completely different. It was a long time ago.
And it was not funny. Not at all."
From "Herr König laughed"


Born in april 1968
Art baccalaureate
Trained information graphic designer and graphic artist
Study object design
Co-founder of the artist group "Freudenhaus" (2004 – 2010), with producer showroom

Prizes/successful participation:
2013 2nd prize at the art award "ART-spanner" of the gallery Axel Schöber, Dortmund
2003 Copy-Light-Revival of the design office Klein & More with photographs
2003 Seat art project by Schöner Wohnen/imm cologne

2003 erotic short story competition of Ubooks
1993 Cultural initiative Iserlohn with poetry


TV, 4-minute WDR report on Art Occupee, 2011
Radio talk with Düsseldorf gallery owner Jutta Bengelsträter, 2005


Art Fair Brussels, Brussels 2020
Gallery ArtRoom "Anniversary Exhibition", Düsseldorf 2020
BIG gallery "Outside", Dortmund 2020
ARTBOX.PROJECT, Barcelona 2020
Gallery 46, "Flowers", Dortmund 2019
BBK, "Show edge", BIG gallery, Dortmund 2019
Gallery Art Isotopes, Wertheim Castle 2019
BBK, Small Galleries, "Flowers", Dortmund 2019
BIG gallery "Red", Dortmund 2016
"Graphics from Dortmund", Dortmund 2016
BIG gallery "210 x 30", Dortmund 2015
Gallery Schöber, Dortmund 2013
2nd Ruhr Biennale 2012, Dortmund
Open Studio Hagen Haspe, exhibition with Nuri Iraq 2012
Exhibition with Nuri Iraq, "One + Six", Hagen 2011
Art Occupee, Menden 2011
Nicolaihaus, Unna 2009
Cafe Echt, "Kokon" 2009
Gallery Schöber, Dortmund 2007
BurgART, Lüdinghausen 2006
KunstQuadrate, Essen 2006
"Torta Mortali", Menden 2006
Spring Salon Young Art, "Compositions", Bad Honnef 2006
"638", Menden 2006
BurgART, Lüdinghausen 2005
Art Sunday, Kamen 2005
"One year", Menden 2005
Theme exhibition "Stern", Menden 2004
Opening of the Freudenhaus showroom, Menden 2004
Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Dortmund 2004
Vivere Living Art, Unna 2004
Various joint exhibitions of the Kunstverein Mendener Bauhütte, 1996 - 2003