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Sophie Huddlestone

Burbage, Leicestershire, United Kingdom


Sophie Huddlestone is based in a village called Burbage, Leicestershire and enjoys painting daily in her art studio as a full time artist. Sophie has over a decade of experience painting pet commissions and is only just beginning to branch out into abstract portraits and contemporary landscapes. Thi...


Landscape The Birch Trees of Pebble Stream thumb

Painting12.2 W x 16.1 H x 0 D in

Female Portrait - Fragments of Giving thumb

Painting14 W x 18 H x 0.6 D in

Swirly Whiskers Rabbit - Oil Portrait Canvas thumb

Painting9.8 W x 13.8 H x 0.6 D in

Dog Treats, black & tan puppy thumb

Painting9 W x 12 H x 0.1 D in

Female Portrait Scarlet Smile thumb

Painting11.7 W x 16.5 H x 0.1 D in

Highland Cow Wild Corner thumb

Painting13.4 W x 13.4 H x 1.2 D in

Robin Berries thumb

Painting9 W x 12 H x 0.1 D in

View All 7 Artworks

inside the studio

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Sophie was on Landscape artist of the year, 2024

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The window of Sophie's art studio in Burbage UK

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Sophie Huddlestone authentication certificate

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Sophie in her Irlen Syndrome / dyslexia glasses

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Sophie painting whimsical pet commissions