Sophie Walraven

Sophie Walraven

NIGTEVECHT, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About Sophie Walraven

The start of my life was filled with too many rough experiences for a little kid. I developed strange ways to survive: I pretended to be just fine, I acted unbreakable and smiled. Although I’m not bothered by my past anymore, these ways became a part of me and ooze through in my work. I’m a clown but also deeply hate injustice and everything that’s fake and dishonest.
That is exactly what my work is about, I show the happy side, I chase true joy and energy and at the same time vulnerability and honesty. It is very double. But art is easily unmasked when it is not sincere. My work is about reality and the fragile bright side.

I was educated at the art academy ArtEZ in Arnhem. My work can mostly be found in Amsterdam. On the street (I do a lot of street art) and in many exhibitions. One of those is at the Amsterdam Museum, that has five pieces by me: they acquired two from my project ‘Art at the Scrapyard’, and they have two pieces of street art in their collection which they 'stole'. (They also bought the ticket she received for illegally posting her work through Amsterdam.)


ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1997

-The Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam
-Rechtbank Amsterdam, (Amsterdam court of justice)
-Tjongerschans collection, Heerenveen
-Art Room, Den Helder
-City of Amsterdam
-Town of Boxtel
-Friends of Singer Museum, Laren


-May 17-19 Large three-day Solo Exhibition in Fort Nieuwersluis.
-May 25-26: Open studio in my own studio in Amsterdam.
-May 27- October 1: Large Solo exhibition at Gallery VDHP in Amsterdam.
-June 16 to 30 and September 1st to 22 I teach painting, drawing, drawing after live model and grafics in Greece.


The CV on my website is very complete,
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