Julie Raworth

Julie Raworth

NEWBURY, Berkshire, United Kingdom

About Julie Raworth

I don’t live for my art, my art lives for me, because my art is me and I am living.
I observe in my art a lifetimes fascination with capturing the juxtapositional sides within the human mind and the internal conflicts this creates for us.
Through my unconscious, ‘right brain’ process of creating art I have learnt that, behind my introverted mask, I am a highly sensitive and emotive being that is on a coiled spring, continually unravelling and retracting. I show my inner winsomeness through vibrant, expressive colours, fluid shapes and the avoidance of using black, whilst protecting myself with strong, blue outlines. But this openness can meet a place of overwhelming anger and fear in which I then coil back in to a place of lonely depression and fibromyalgia fog. Through my art I am on a quest to meet an unfulfillable place of homeostasis of anger and peace.
Through my ‘left brain’ my recent portraits attempt to illustrate how we are more than the external mask we try to portray and which many artists merely recreate. We have juxtapositioning emotions at one time, we are our history aswell as our present, and we cannot be just our selves, we are always us in relation to others.


Msc/PgDip in Counselling Psychology, Roehampton University
Bsc Psychology
BTEC National Diploma in Design – Photography
Diploma Foundation – Art and Design
A’ level – Art and Design (C)


The Grid Art Fair, Old Trumans Brewery, London, 27th-30th October 2016

Culturefest, Newbury, 16th July 2016

Oxford Art Fair, The Fishes, June 11th-12th 2016

Invited and exhibited
The Cult House FUSION II, Underdog Art gallery, London, April 26th – May 1st 2016

Galerie Marzia Frozen, Berlin, April 30th - May 21th, 2016

Oxford International Art Fair Oxford Town Hall, February 27th – 28th 2016
https://issuu.com/globalartagency/docs/oiaf_2016___catalogue Invited and exhibited;

Invited and exhibited
LaGalleria Pall Mall Christmas Art Gifts exhibition, December 23rd-25th 2015

Invited and exhibited
Parallax International Art Fair Chelsea, London, October 23rd-25th 2015 http://www.calameo.com/read/0030537532d3e33e079c5