Robert Erod

Robert Erod

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Robert Erod

I am an intense professional and social artist. Striving for perfection. Thank you Saatchi Art for being my bread and butter.
I am an artist, musician and life coach on Youtube.
I paint with PASSION!

Robert , loves to paint portraits and figures. Intense emotion and psychology seem to predominate, soulful eyes and lost expressions. His large female nude originals have commanded up to 5000 dollars on Saatchi and Ugallery.

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Saatchi is his premiere showcase featuring all of his newest and exciting works. With Robert Erod you never know what to expect next.
Since a young age I have dabbled with paints and consider myself technically savvy. Some of my works are Hit or miss. The hits have sold. The other half of the house is miss, I paint over stuff all the time. I have over 500 paintings in my apartment. It really is just a matter of time before the right buyer finds my art. Painting is just who ! am. One time I painted over a piece and it sold for 10,000. Check out my motivation Success and Wealth teachings on Youtube. - Robert R Erod "Hoarding Ideas"


University of Arizona - Tucson - Graphic Design - Illustration - Fine Art


New Art Installation at Al Jackson Gallery - Palm Springs - 2017 - 2019 Please join us for wine and cheese on Saturday night at 7pm.


Robert Erod Vlog on Youtube.

Youtube - Success and Wealth - Life Coach Nov 2020

The Downtown Art Gallery - Tucson, AZ 2010-2013

Las Palmas Art Gallery - Palm Springs March 2013

Al Jackson Gallery - Palm Springs, California

Jan 25-April 25th, 2017