Stephen M D Day

Stephen M D Day

Washington, , DC, United States

About Stephen M D Day

Stephen Day, born in Nottingham, England 1944 and resident of Washington, DC, U.S. started painting waterscapes and bird portraits at age eighteen. Both parents painted which had a strong impact on him, as there were always water color paints, oils, and the whiff of turpentine in the house. He has had four one-man, and one two-person, exhibitions in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. To date he has sold over eighty paintings. Stylistically, it is difficult to pigeon-hole Day. Current paintings, (typically 36X48 inches and up), are best described as waterscapes "Approaching Abstraction," where color and texture are the media and the message. Subject matter comes from domestic and international travels, and an eye for converting a particular view, sketch, or photograph to his semi-realism/abstraction. Examples are two Maine quatryches and, more recently, a series of over three dozen paintings of the Chesapeake Bay (Chesapeake Rhythms). Three artists have profoundly influenced Day. They are the contemporary Japanese artist Tetsuro Sawada (died 1998), who painted exquisite silkscreen 'skyscapes' fusing sky, water and land; David Hockney's fabulously color-driven landscapes; and Claude Monet's use of color to contrast diurnal rhythms on subjects as varied as Rouen Cathedral and haystacks.


- Why Art?

What I attempt to to capture with art, was succinctly stated by Emile Zola: " A CORNER OF NATURE SEEN THROUGH A TEMPERAMENT."


Two degrees U.K.* & U.S. Ex adjunct professor (American University Kogod Bus. School, and University of Delaware) in my spare time - wedged between a high tech exec. career, painting, writing** , fly-fishing, and traveling.
*Thesis at University of Leeds: 'Psychology of colour.'
** Three books of humorous creative non-fiction short stories, published by, under the title "Bonkers!"


An image of my painting "Luminescent Dawn," was entered to blast off into Space to the asteroid "Bennu."
The spacecraft blasted off for Bennu Sept. 2016, from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It arrived at this asteroid December 3, 2018. In 2019, the spacecraft will take a sample of the asteroid, according to a mission timeline provided by NASA.
OSIRIS-REx will then leave Bennu sometime around March 2021. It will cap off its seven-year journey when the spacecraft is set to parachute into the Utah desert on Sept. 24, 2023, bringing with it a sample of the asteroid.


- Four one-man, and two group exhibitions in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.
- Individual paintings selected in juried shows, inc. paintings of Maine, and the Chesapeake Bay at the Cosmos club in DC.
- 2017 three person show, "Chesapeake Views," Susan Calloway Fine Arts gallery, Georgetown, DC.