Stepan Koren

Stepan Koren

Moscow, RF, Russia

About Stepan Koren

The artist was born in Moscow, in the family of sculptor.
He graduates Moscow conservatory on the class of chello, after that - military service, at last - job in the orchestra . After the death of his father Karen changes his profession, starts to live anew, but already as an artist and the musical experience only helps to this.
Stepan enters the Leningrad Mukhina school of art and industry (nowadays Shtieglits academie) and graduates in 1983. He works in the field of ceramics, participates in numerous exhibitions. From the end of 80-ies he works in graphics, and here finds himself. Since 1989 the artist has been being actively exposed in Russia and abroad; his works are in museums (Tretyakov gallery, Pushkin Museum, Museum of Eastern arts etc.) and private collections (Russia, Germany, France, Italy, USA etc.) In 1990 he becomes the member of Union of the artists, then MAF.


1968-73 Moscow Conservatory
1978-83 SPSAAD named after A.L. Stieglitz


Personal exhibitions:
1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999 Central House of Artists, Moscow
1994 "Atelier Buckenmaier", Ueberlingen
1995 "Kleine Galerie", Konstanz
1997 Red Chambers Gallery, Moscow
1998 Galerie "Ruf", München
2001 "Galerie im Haus", Hamburg
2002 "ART-salon-2002" Central House of Artists, Moscow
2002 Museum-Estate "Mikhailovskoe", Pushkin Mountains
2003 "ART-salon-2003" Central House of Artists. Moscow (project "Palindrom")
2003, 2004 Museum-estate "Arkhangelskoye", Moscow
2005 Galerie «ART-gerecht», Eberbach
2006 Vincent Gallery, Moscow
2011 Gallery "At Lenivke." Moscow
2018 Baker Tilly Russia. Moscow
2018 Moscow Conservatory

Group exhibitions / main
1983-1990 18 exhibitions in Leningrad, Moscow, Tallinn
1989 14. Nationale Salon d'Arte, Rome
1990 Stadtgalerie, Freiberg
1991 University of Midlebury, Vermont,
1991 Galerie "Melnikov", Heidelberg
1991 Museum of the History of the City, St. Petersburg
1991 Galerie "Treffpunkt Gutenberg", Mannheim
1992 Kunstmarkt, Oldenburg
1992 Rathaus, Kirchatten
1992 Galerie "O", Oldenburg
1992 Galerie "Coury", Bremen
1993 "Kunststall", Dangast
1993 Galerie "D-12", Chemnitz
1994 Zollhaus, Lüdvigshafen (Bodman), OPM Bank,
1995 Club-workshop "10 A", Moscow. "M'ARS",
"Russian Collection", Moscow
1996 "Ad hominem", RGBI, Moscow
1996 Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Moscow
1996 Small Manege, Moscow
1997 University, Konstanz. "Magnum ARS", Academy
of Arts, Moscow
1997 "Neste", Moscow
1998 New Collection Gallery, Moscow,
1998 Galerie BBZ, München
2000 Gallery "Line-Art", Moscow
2000 Galerie "ART-gerecht", Eberbach
2001 Villa Basse, Leer
2002 "Counterrevolution" Museum of CI, Moscow
2004 Gallery "Line-Art", Moscow.
2004 The Yasnaya Polyana Gallery, Tula
2008 Accumulation - 2008. "21st Century Gallery",
2008 NO-festival of video art and animation,
2008 Festivel of video art "Empty", Moscow.
2008 Festival of video art of the magazine "Free
access", Moscow
2010 Creative evening of the group "O-Ya". NCCA,
2010 Gallery "The Green Pyramid". Sevastopol
2011 From beauty to madness. Yerevan Plaza.
2013 AP-6. Kostroma Historical and Art Museum
2013 Art-okroshka "Sleeve", Moscow
2014 "left_right3". Exhibition Hall "Zamoskvorechye",
2014 "left_right3". Exhibition Hall of the Museum of
Fine Arts, Tula
2014. New works of the group "O-Ya". Grafica.Center
of Arts.Yasenevo
2015. Project "Multiplicity: Quotations and
Paraphrases". Institute of B & D. Moscow
2015. Project "Minilandshafta". CHA, Zelenograd.
2017. "Three projects". Architectural and Construction
Institute. Orel
2018. "Face to face-1". Baker Tilly Russia. Moscow
2018. "Face to face-2". Baker Tilly Russia. Moscow

1992 Graphic of small forms, Gyor. Hungary
1995 International Fair "ESTAMPA-95", Madrid
1996 "Graphics-96", Winzavod.Kaliningrad.
2002 International ArtSalon "CHA-2002" Central House
of Artists, Moscow
2003 "ARTS" Sokolniki, Moscow
2006 "BIN 2006" Manege, St. Petersburg
2007 Fair of Graphic Arts. Gallery "Volga", Moscow
Museums and collections:
The State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin
The State Tretyakov Gallery
State Museum of Oriental Art
Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts
Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Association "M'ARS", Moscow
Meeting of the OPM Bank, Moscow
Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, Riga
The collection of the museum-estate "Arkhangelskoye"
Collection of museum-estate "Mikhailovskoe", Pushkin Mountains
Historical and Art Museum-Reserve, Kostroma
Curatorial projects:
2006 "Language Update"
2006 "Installation" MIEMP, Moscow
2009. "The Prison." NCCA
2010 "MANNEKS" .Gallery "Cinema"
2014. "New works of the group" O-Ya. "KC Yasenevo
2014. Night of Arts. Glowing objects. KC "Yasenevo"
2015. The project "Multiplicity: The B & D. Institute of
2015. The project "Minilandscape". ZDH.Москва