stephanie daverdon

stephanie daverdon


About stephanie daverdon

French painter and visual artist, I was born in 1975 in Germany.
I live today in France in a village in the heart of the vineyards of Champagne, on the banks of Marne.
After a childhood and a teenage itinerant, related to the paternal profession, a young bride, I settled in Paris during twenty years. Since 2012 we have moved to the province where I find peace of the countryside with my family.
Art has always had in me an intense resonance and to paint was as an obvious fact.
My artistic influences turn essentially towards abstract expressionism and impressionism with a special affection for the work of Joan Mitchell and Claude Monet.
My painting expresses and reveals what I share with the outside world, inspired by its strength and fragility. I have fun with the materials and colors to give my works several dimensions. In my pictures, I depict the poles of human existence and perception, including the unconscious.
My technique will evolve all these years in order to transcribe through my plastic work what I deeply believe in: ART as a realization of Self.


I'm graduated in Sciences of Art and Aesthetic Philosophy (Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris I)


My work is represented by several Art Galleries in France and the United States.


I also exhibit in unusual places or more traditionally in salons and contemporary art markets.
I received several awards, including the International Young Artist Awakening Competition in 1995, the 1st prize of painting, which allowed my canvas to travel around the world, the 1st prize of Natixis Bank « Au détour de l'Art » in 2007, the prize of the general council of Seine and Marne in 2012…