Steve Binetti

Steve Binetti

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Steve Binetti

Steve Binetti:
Independent composer, musician and painter.
Born 1966 in East-Berlin, he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Areas of activity:
In addition to his painting, Steve Binetti produces compositions, concepts, songs & sounds for stage productions, cinema & television films, video.
Regular performances in the theater & concerts.

From 1992-2016 he produced numerous soundtracks and live music for Frank Castorf’s and Sebastian Hartmann's stage productions.

Worked in Berlin, Bremen, Leipzig, Oslo, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
Guest performances: Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bosnia, France and Brasil.


2020 Michael A. Russ and Steve Binetti: "Pop Up Workshop" Pop Up Art Berlin, Germany
2019 "Big Airplane" / Galerie Fata Morgana - Berlin, Germany
2019 "Love's Shadow" / Living Gallery - Berlin, Germany
2019 "Between The Likes: 10 Days / 2 Berlin Artists" / Galerie Fata Morgana - Berlin, Germany
2018 "Living in the Middle" / Seven Star Gallery / Berlin, Germany
2017 "Steve Binetti: Bilder" / Projektraum "Zwitschermaschine" - Berlin, Germany