Steve Godfrey

Steve Godfrey

Kirkcaldy, Fife, United Kingdom

About Steve Godfrey

Born Halifax England 1962. Currently living in Fife Scotland. I love the whole process of creating a painting from the initial sketches and ideas - to the flow and texture of the oil paint. I have a great passion for colour and find the excitement of beauty and light addictive. Since turning full-time artist in 2004 my work has taken on a whole new vitality. I paint the colours and forms that I see and feel, perhaps emphasizing some and softening others to create a dramatic effect. I like my work to be recognisable with an added element of drama.


I have been a student of art all my life, my father taught me to draw when I was young and planted the initial seeds of inspiration.
Throughout my life my interests have always been rooted in creativity. This creative drive came to the fore in the late 80s when I trained as a Royal Navy Photographer. Experience in this field broadened my outlook on the world and after completing a Navy career I went on to run a successful freelance photography business in Edinburgh for a further 10 years.
In my spare time, I continued painting and drawing and studied oil painting part-time at Edinburgh College of Art. I have also done study courses with Zhauming Wu, Juliette Aristides and Casey Baugh. My influences tend to be weighted more towards the impressionists like John Singer Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla. I enjoy studying works from a whole host of current living artists like Felix Revello de Toro, Zhauming Wu and Scott Burdick.
My work has been purchased by many international private collections. Most of my work is sold privately, through local exhibitions and online.