Trina Perry Carlson

Trina Perry Carlson

Seattle, WA, United States

About Trina Perry Carlson

Women have always clothed the body; weaving the cloth, cutting and sewing it into patterns that covered, protected and revealed.

This work re-members that intimate connection, creating new patterns and and imagined psychological states. The cloth holds the residue, smell, fragility; the memory of its life and purpose. Thread stitches together the disparate parts; clothing the dialogue of emotional experience.

This work is drawn from articles taken from lifetimes of washing, mending and wearing. Mounted on the back side of the stretched canvas, the pieces reveal what is generally hidden against the wall, denying the front with a tangle of knots and thread. Fabric, pigment, wax and ephemera are woven together to re-assemble a memory of the body.

Trina Perry Carlson is an artist, based in Seattle.


Bachelor of Fine Art
Summa Cum Laude
Cornish Institute
Seattle, Washington


September, 2012 Inner Fabric, (four pieces in the group show)
Friesen Abmeyer Fine Art Gallery, Seattle Washington

April, 2014 Working Art Grant/Purchase Award
Working Artist Org.

July, 2014 Unleashed Exhibit, group show
Core Gallery, Women's Caucus for Art, Denver, Colorado

September 2014 Who Are You, member group show
Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington

September 2014 Inside Out, group show
Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland, Oregon

November, 2014 Solo Show, International Contemporary Fibre Exhibit
World of Threads Festival, Toronto, Ontario