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The Other Art Fair Sydney was held in-person at The Cutaway in Barangaroo, Sydney from 18-21 March 2021. The artists showcased here on The Online Studios are those who were selected to be a part of the Fair by a panel of art-industry experts. The Online Studios allow you to find out more about the artists’ practice, their inspiration, browse price-based and themed collections, and buy from them directly, wherever you are in the world. 


Perhaps best known as the lead singer of the platinum-selling rock band, Incubus, Brandon Boyd is also a prolific painter who sees the creative processes of musicianship and visual artistry as complementary and intertwined. 

Discover a collection of original artworks and limited edition prints from Brandon Boyd.

As Above, 2020

Browse these wintery wonderlands to celebrate the winter solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere

Jake Weisz

Vertical Limit

Amanda Louise McPaul

Fluttering Leaves

Elise Catterall

Fluted Banksia Dark

Elizabeth Langreiter

Fresh Snow

Clinton Gorst

The Breakthrough

Sara Roberts explores ideas of personal and cultural identity and one’s sense of belonging within a place, she draws inspiration from her experience of living in between countries, the feeling of being foreign in an unfamiliar land. Roberts’ paintings embrace the dualities such as inside and outside, lightness and heaviness, illusion and reality. They float between the abstract and the figurative, creating a window onto the outside world, which is both familiar and mysterious. Painted from memory she returns to the canvas again and again, and the work develops over time; painting, then erasing and sanding off the oil paint and starting all over until she captures a certain rendition of light. Throughout the process, the surface develops layers and scars. Her paintings evoke a psychological state of mind, dealing with the potential that lies within the paint but also the combination of memories, a sense of place in the environment and the questioning of where we belong.

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Step into a new dimension in 2021 – the third dimension that is! Experience a virtual world like no ‘other’ and enjoy The Other Art Fair online with our new Virtual Editions Fairs.

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