Daniel Wave

Daniel Wave

Basel, BS, Switzerland

About Daniel Wave

(*67) Architect, self-employed for 20 years.
Fascinated by visual and 3D arts since young, passionate photographer. Graphic design, architecture, music, and functional concepts are his main interest and field of work.


Some work and concepts :
-1995: IKEA as a hotel. A successful project at ETHZ.
-1999: 3D realtime passenger into system for Zurich airport. (Presentation).
The realization of 3d games in VRML for an internet company.
Pioneer in Macromedia Flash / VRML / Renderings
-2000 Design + construction of a loft bed. Design + realization of hanging lamps for an architectural office.
-2000: Concept for new Stralsund Sea Museum, Architectural competition, 2nd price.
-2001: 'Satellites of reality' : Art concept for unused subway tunnels in Berlin. Competition.
-2002: Concept for cinema movies closer to reality and sensual human perception.
-2003: The 3d game 'SmashBack', very successful and addictive. Re-edition as app Jan.15
-2004: Onlineshop for typical Swiss products - realized, meanwhile sold: swissmade.com
-2006: Manifest for more functional car designs. Today's cars look only boring and unfunctional, with very rare exceptions.
-2008: New concept for dance events, manifest with 20 points no-DJ.com Later realized partly in reloaded.ch events.
-2009: Help-Club.com New concept and online platform for the first real fair insurance (in development).
-2010: Solution for the Deep Water Horizon disaster - FB page with big echo.
-2014: Design + construction of 2 double beds on different levels.
-2015: Concentric-watch.com - Own watch-brand. 3 Series of unique watches, Automatic and Quartz.
-2018 opening of an architecture office in Basel, Switzerland
:: How would the Colorcode for feelings, ideals, persons look like?
The software for random color graphics was developed in 2004 in his Webdesign company subwave. Version1 of it was available many years for free download on the web. It was used by other artists for similar graphics - and paintings. Gerhard Richter did his big artworks with random color stripes only in 2013. These were maybe influenced or even made with the free software.
Especially the color ring graphics with random colors were first used by Daniel Wave. With the enhanced software, he can now produce also other graphic styles in very high resolution. Only ca. 1 of 50 random images are interesting enough for further workmanship and print.
See also danielwave.com


Architecture, CAD, Design, Video and Art at ETH Zurich 1988-96 (Diploma); Arts and Design at Prof Peter Jenny. Among the best finishers of the year.


Reloaded.ch Electronic Dance and Multimedia events


-Photography 1997 in Rapperswil CH
-Movie 'Drive' 2001 at Rote Fabrik and Rohstofflager (Club), Zurich CH
-Div. publications (Articles, Photography, and 3D renderings) in books and magazines.
-Blickfang Design Fair 04-2015; target artworks and concentric watches.
-Las Vegas 2019 "Praxis remix" Metropolitan Museum
-Preview: March 2021 New York City, Artifact Gallery, Lower East Side, Orchard Street (Postponed to 2023 because of Corona).