Sudakshina Ghosh

Sudakshina Ghosh

Kolkata, Asia, India

About Sudakshina Ghosh

A self-taught artist, Sudakshina was born in Kolkata ( India ), the city famous for its rich cultural heritage. From a very early stage in life, Sudakshina was groomed by her mother to become an artist. She derives her inspiration for her creation from her own interpretation of beauty and enjoys exploring different techniques and media to express her realisation.
She has worked with charcoal, watercolour and acrylic extensively and has sold her works at international exhibitions. For quite sometime, she has been painting with coffee. This purely organic medium is easily available all over the world and allows her to pursue her artistic activity anywhere and everywhere. A sheet of watercolour paper, some water and paintbrush is all that she needs to create her artwork. She finds this versatile and unique medium with its heavenly aroma and pigment capable of creating fascinating shades of sepia and dramatic textures on watercolour paper.
Through her work, she would like to deliver the rich culture of her motherland and the endless beauty of nature to the people around the world.




Self-taught artist.


27th September 2017- Coffee painting workshop- Wayland Public Library, MA,USA
7th January 2017- book launch at Nehru centre library, Mumbai, India. Olive and Jay Beach bungle- illustrator- Sudakshina Ghosh
10th December 2016- coffee painting workshop at Art mela 2016- MHS, Kolkata, India
8th November 2016- coffee painting workshop at Wayland public library, MA, USA
August 2015- demonstration cum display- painting with coffee on watercolor paper
26th June,2014-talk at Sandy's, Apparao gallery,Chennai,India
2nd July,2013- talk at Nehru Centre, UK
8th January, 2012- live art at ICCR, Kolkata, India


2017- September- Solo - Shades and Contrasts- Wayland Public Library, MA,USA
2017-July- Group exhibition- Academy of Fine arts-Kolkata,India
2016- December-Group exhibition - ICCR Kolkata,India
2015- Coffee paintings displayed at NY coffee festival 2015
2014- Bronze sculptures displayed at Prakritarts Gallery, Chennai,India
2013- group and solo exhibitions of works done in coffee and other media in UK.
2011- Solo exhibitions in Singapore
2006-2009- Group exhibitions, Singapore