Sumati Sharma

Sumati Sharma

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Sumati Sharma

My art - is a reflection into this floating world. Specifically it is about what I want to keep around, the forms, shapes, colors. My wheels mostly spin trying to access the happy, the pleasant ... the essence I seek is not quite about the forms manifesting on canvas, but about something profound that exists in recesses deep within. It hides, maybe somewhere in the wild abandon of a bird, the laughter of a tree, the flutter of a butterfly, a little island in the middle of the ocean, somewhere in the shadows... illusions, hard to pin down really, which make me obsess over the same compositions for years together.


2003 - Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts.

2007 - Rhode Island School of Design, Bachelor of Architecture.


2019 : Selected artworks from “Sailing Winds” series currently on video screen display at Saatchi Gallery, London.