Richard Savage

Richard Savage

Chatteris, Cambs, United Kingdom

About Richard Savage

I have been drawing from the time I could hold a pencil. Art is a part of my nature, to a large extent it defines who I am. I can't imagine my life without art.

I am an artist, author and illustrator and have been a commercial artist for more than twenty years. My work spans many topics and incorporates most types of media. I have a background in illustration, fine art and technical drawing. I am happy switching between oils, acrylics, pastels, line and wash, watercolour, inks and mixed media.

My subject matter is varied; I have never wanted to be constrained to one form of art, and over the last few years I have worked on developing a portfolio of fantasy, aviation and wildlife art. The figurative art has been the main stay of the last fifteen years, working as a book cover illustrator and selling fine art and prints worldwide. Although I strive to have my own artistic voice, I greatly admire and draw inspiration from classical art, and the styles of the contemporary artists, Jack Vettriano and Boris Vallejo.

I undertake private commissions and consider most commercial work. I am happy working from life, yet like the freedom afforded by working from photographs. The photographs enable me to work for clients globally while working in the comfortable surroundings of my Cambridgeshire studio. (erotic art) (non erotic art)