Tepe Kraus

Tepe Kraus

Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany

About Tepe Kraus

„Art can never be pre-conceived. It’s not the artist alone, who defines what his art means, he defines form and colour, but he only partially defines the effect on the viewer. Yet, the effect is the essence - not purpose - of everything Artistic. Art is never in a vacuum, it flows and is always (whether intentionally or unintentionally) "transcendent", between the worlds, between the senses, between the people. A bridge. And a bridge is committed by both sides. My art flows from me, it’s a piece of myself, it’s a mediator and an outlet. But for me, it's not really tangible on the whole. At the centre of my painting is mostly the portrait, oscillating between the abstract and the figurative. I paint on paper, cardboard and canvas (often unwhitened), using mainly acrylic and spray paints, ink, graphite, gouache and pastels, most recently also plastic. The form is little controlled and often in motion, unfinished. One could say that I follow the impulse and file it out (though not always). Some pictures emerge in seconds, but many become companions over months, not a few I paint over completely, again and again. The artist depicts - but he also forms. I would say I move in the field of tension between personal authenticity, superior reality and the search for my role in this game.“

Foto: © narmovisuals


German painter based near Frankfurt/Main. Grew up in an artistic environment – her father is a film director, writer and illustrator, her stepfather a professional musician. Childhood for her meant going on tour with one dad, drawing with the other one, and being on stage as an actress. So, since early childhood she was involved in art in various ways; at the age of 20 she went a completely different route, studied Latin Philology and History and made her first steps in the academic scene, when in 2013 she got a public scholarship for her graduation, when in 2013 she got a public scholarship for her graduation. Her creative urge finally brought her back to painting and to an education in graphic- and media-design.

She is working as a painter and as a graphic-designer. Her artworks were shown in several solo exhibitions, in art magazines, on bookcover, and her paintings were bought from collectors around the world. In 2018 she was selected by the well-known French Art Trade Association Singulart to present her art.


2021/spring.: Interview in "Slowmo Magazin" (upcoming)

2020: inside: Spotlight art Magazin 21

2018: Selected to present my portfolio at Singulart: https://www.singulart.com/de/k%C3%BCnstler/tepe-kraus-2667

2018: Book Cover: "essere guarito" was chosen as the cover of a book: https://reichert-verlag.de/en/author/k/kobus_susann/9783954903191_musikalische_begleitung_fuer_fruehgeborene_und_ihre_familien-detail


Solo exhibition: Galerie Haus zum Stein, Mainz/Germany

2020: Pre-release-gallery: Slowmo Magazin, Telomedia Worms / solo exhibition

2016: Solo exhibition "Transcendent Worlds" Owlstand, London:
Part I: https://owlstand.com/roam/df4a6033-7d74-49e2-9c78-2c9c1552c4ed

Part II: https://owlstand.com/roam/2bbecb9e-3931-465f-b447-6f9b973d4d43

2015: Solo Exhibition in Kunstverein Worms: Artdancefloor