Taiyo Okamoto

Taiyo Okamoto

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About Taiyo Okamoto

Taiyo Okamoto grew up in Karatsu, Japan right across from the ocean, where he spent his childhood days gazing at the vast sky, crashing waves, and flying fish, often sitting on the seawall while twilighting. He's been living in the US since 2002.

Using mulberry paper, particularly Inshu mulberry paper produced in Japan's Tottori Prefecture, Taiyo swims in chigiri-e or hari-e style paper artwork.


Suho Memorial Paper Museum (Taipei) October 2019
Art on Paper (New York) - March 2019
Ashok Jain Gallery (New York) November 2018
Ashok Jain Gallery (New York) November 2017
Jed Williams Gallery (Philadelphia) August 2016
Ryujin Gallery (Brooklyn) April 2016
Greenpoint Gallery November 2014