Tara Flores

Tara Flores

Gig Harbor, WA, United States

About Tara Flores

Tara Flores is a visual artist exploring the intersection between art, science and spirituality. After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2007 with a BFA in Painting, her focus has been on developing her process of creating brightly colored, large-scale abstract paintings layered with organic shapes and dashes inspired by the microscopic subject matter of our Inner Space, emotional landscapes and the movement and conservation of energy. She has adapted these and similar topics for both private commissions and solo shows. Tara’s work has been chosen for juried exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle, in addition to recently being featured in Art Maze Magazine and 1340 Art Magazine. Her work continues to evolve. She lives with her two children in the woods near Seattle, WA.


Tara graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2007 with a BFA in Painting & Drawing.


"SUBTLE MATTER" solo show at J. Rinehart Gallery, Seattle, WA. February 22, 2020 - April 4, 2020

On the “Subtle Matter” Series:

“My scientifically inspired, intuitive creative process explores the intersection of art, science and spirituality. Energy and movement, the essential elements of existence, are central to my work.

I paint this moving energy as the light of being, the chemistry of emotion and as coded information. I imagine energy fields in relationship on a quantum level, particularly at the boundaries and meeting places that birth change. I imagine the microcosm of our bodies, our cells, our psyches and how these inner spaces interface with the rest of existence.

The “Subtle Matter” series continues this work via a collection of painted meditations on the healing properties of individual crystals. Referencing the Etheric or Subtle Body (the layer of energy just outside the physical body), the delicately complex range of human experience and emotion, and the physical crystals themselves, “Subtle Matter” celebrates the power of vibrational medicine and its ability to heal, recognizing that everything is simply energies in relationship.

What we physically relate to and bring into our energy field has a very real impact on our being whether we are conscious of it or not. Science shows us this is true. Tuning into the subtle energy of an object like a crystal, which has its own history and properties, is an exercise in expanding our awareness of this impact so we can then use it to make changes with intention as we move through our lives as part of the universe.

In this space between science and spirituality, the “Subtle Matter” series encourages us to consider the physical reality of the effects of energies large and small, subtle and overt, on our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. For this work, as in the previous series “Boundaries Lost and Found,” I use multiple layers of house paint to achieve a rich history of complex and fragmented information that combines to form a unique and whole “reality.” This “reality” changes when viewed from different distances and perspectives, lending the paintings a sense of being the living, pulsing, emanating fields I imagine them to be. This series however, is also encoded with information from the crystals. Each painting includes a coded repeating pattern of dashes making up the outermost ring that spreads to the edges. These Morse Code patterns communicate the stones properties (the titles are the codes)- and the intentional energy that I explored, held and often experienced myself while creating each piece.”


J.Rinehart Gallery, "Introductions", Seattle, WA October 2019

Punch Projects "Barnstorm" at Bluestone Garage, Ellensburg, WA, 2018

bG Gallery, "Stripes", Santa Monica, CA, May 2018

CoCA, "Creativity Persists", Seattle, WA, May 2018

Brownsville Museum of Art, Brownsville, TX, April 2018

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