Teodora Djordjevic

Teodora Djordjevic

Belgrade, Europe, Serbia

About Teodora Djordjevic

Teodora Djordjevic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1969, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts -
Department of Painting at the University of Arts in Belgrade in 1993 and studied photography within previous education at the Graphic Design Department of Design School in Belgrade.
In her final year of studies, she got the awards from the Master Miodrag Janjusevic, the academic painter fund and Perspectives XXI.

Teodora finds inspiration from the diversity of ambiences she explores, from architecture, wide open space full of light and life, to abandoned apocalyptic places with hardly visible trace of formal human presence.
Observing these contrasts as challenging motifs, she makes photographs and paintings that reflect her own impression of the world she lives in, with all dynamic and range from dark to light.
Some of her artworks have been featured in art collections worldwide.


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