Teo Spiller

Teo Spiller

Ljubljana, Slovenia

About Teo Spiller

I use machines to create art, wondering if machines will one day understand my art.

Computers, mobile phones and robots are strongly getting into our minds. We are more and more behaving like machines, while Intelligent devices are more and more behaving like humans. Once there might be no difference between the machine and the human at all.

I examine different forms our technology based society takes, and the motives that lie behind it. I use the copy-paste culture, post-production and modularity as the common denominators of the digitized worlds. Altering them is a way of questioning the attitudes, fears, unwritten rules, opportunities and dangers which have formed that environment and our behavior within it.

Aesthetics and ontology of my work are strongly related to my working process. I take icons, symbols and other entities from the mediated reality and combine them in algorhytmic ways. I strive to convey that sense of algorhytmic simplicity by capturing its algorhytmic language.


Assistant professor of New Media Art
Master of Fine Arts - Arthouse college Ljubljana
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
"Zmago Modic" fine arts school
Courses on Academy for Fine arts, Ljubljana
Private Courses with prof. Stefan Planinc



30th Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013
UNESCO day of poetry 2003, Technopoetry for peace, Milano, Italy
Net.art open, Irish museum of modern arts, Dublin, Ireland
"The masters of graphic arts", Municipal Museum of art, Gyor, Hungary
The works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, Machida city museum of graphic arts, Tokyo, Japan
Communications from isolated environments", Venice Biennial 99 (with Gruppo Oreste), Venice, Italy
10 th Cairo International Biennale, Cairo, Egypt, 2006
Blasthaus gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2006/2007
Kiparstvo danes, Gallery of contemporary art, Celje, Slovenia, 2010
'95-05'", Museum of modern arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
"The eye and it's truth", Museum of modern arts, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kontejner gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2006
Balkan black box, Berlin, 2007
Break 2.3 Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
The floor of my atelier, Galerija Gradec, Zagreb, Croatia, 2003
"Digital graphic arts on paper", Ljubljana Municipal Museum, Slovenia
The Rotten Machine aka the Tothless Old Thing 1999-2004, Badajoz - Spain, 5-28 February 2011
"Pixxelpoint 2002", Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Kosov@ benefit auction",New York City, USA
Omnizone, New York City, USA
"Zu casa", Del Mar, California, USA
Ostranenie 97, Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany
Film+arc graz, Graz, Austria
FILE 2001 electronic language international festival, Sao Paolo, Brasil
Casa das rosas web.art contest, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Altamira cave, Mexico City, Mexico
"Medi@Terra", Athens, Greece
"The Digital Labyrinth Theatre", Acco, Israel
"Korea web art festival 2002", Chiang Mai, South Korea
"runme.org", Macros Centre, Moscow, Russia
"Computer arts festival" '96, 97, '98, '99, Maribor, Slovenia
"ARCO - El Mundo net-art award", Barcelona, Spain


"LIFE", Merlin theatre, Budapest, Hungary, 2011
"Intruders", Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2012
"Wooden In/form/ations", Trubarjava hisa literature, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011
"Psstt!!", KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, 2010
Presentation in Galerija Kapsula, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010
Rael Artel Gallery, Parnu, Estonia, 2005
Hevreka!05, GR, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenija, 1996
Galerija Commmerce, Ljubljana, Slovenija, 1995