Jonathan Guirma

Jonathan Guirma

Boulogne-billancourt, Ile de France, France

About Jonathan Guirma

Beeswax is the chosen material of Jonathan Guirma. Through this matter Jonathan gives a skin to his works. Sometimes applied raw, sometimes tinted, beeswax reveals an organic, a carnal appearance, which gives an impressive presence to his work.

With his vanitas, Jonathan Guirma uses the “memento-mori” codes without attempting to convey the moralizing message which is related to this theme. Here, everyone is free to interpret. Jonathan Guirma wanted to embody the skull – static and mineral object – with a new skin expressing through various motifs and colors a thought or an emotion.

Also, Jonathan Guirma makes tortoiseshells which can be perceived as totems or shields erected between us and a disappointing, disturbing, even aggressive world. His carapaces are proudly set on a solid concrete pedestal with a mahogany top.

And, when the evening comes, illuminated, these shells resonate differently. The material shows itself in all its depth and reveals a wide variety of colors and textures. Then, they seem more vulnerable, more sensitive and more precious.

May the beauty save the world!


Fine Art certificate : EAP prépaSeine

Post-graduate degree in Architecture: National Architecture school of Paris-Malaquais

Master : Birkbeck, University of London