T Staudt

T Staudt

Berlin, Kreuzberg, Germany

About T Staudt

The photo collections are showing layers beyond art. Nature is art too, art then anything is which looks real ?
Photography is art ?

My followers here are all artists,too,
so i am not sure if this is place for selling really.

About T. Staudt:
Unusual perspectives & minimalist colour composition: Staudts pictures are not aimed
to affect the beholder immediately but seek to create a process of visual contemplation.
The Berlin based artist uses photographic techniques as well as graphic styles to
create a bold connex between classic painting, photography & graphic design. As
part of this process the collage is serving a creative & conserving device which
captures urban day images into individual & realistic moments, which are retouched
with the unique line of the artists brush, into abstract forms & seem to appear
from nowhere, alive as sketches.
Thilonius creates his works using old prints & methods involving knifes & paint
brushes. Ripping, marking & repainting the primitive earth. The jungles of symbols
& images which characterise his works are therefore much more than just a chain for
references. His work rather is based on the spontaneous effect, through collecting,
selecting & composing the material, therby creating an emotional dimension & the
pictures are loaded with urban & timeless memorys.
As a result of the fusion of these images with pasted, already published images
hailing from popular culture the artist creates an intriguing mixture of reality
and fiction which opens new perspectives & charges the pictures with vital energy.

Marc Weber, New York 2013