Tiety Bouma

Tiety Bouma

Almere, Netherlands

About Tiety Bouma

I live in a polder in the Netherlands in the new town called Almere. The polders are dominated by rectangular lines and far horizons. This is reflected in my geometrical and abstract paintings.
Next to fully geometrical, I experiment with combining contrasting geometrical shapes, with organic and intuitive brush strokes. These paintings are usually of a more impulsive and expressive nature. This way I create situations that raise questions about gravity and movement.
Next to abstract painting, I paint and draw pictures based on the world around me. I am fascinated by the way things change, when you zoom in or take a different perspective.
Experiment and association often result in small series with more or less the same subject.


Bachelor of education.
One year academy of art in Utrecht.
Three year course in acrylic and oil painting
Several workshops.


01th of July 2019 - end of August 2019
Solo exhibition "Loofloos vervlochten tussen hoop en vrees" in Public Library Loosdrecht, The Netherlands

Permanent private exhibition at Trisolis in Nijkerk.

23rd November 2017- end of February 2018
Private exhibition at Trisolis in Nijkerk
The Netherlands.

27th of May 2017 - 15th of July 2017
Solo exhibition in Public Library Eemnes, The Netherlands

21st of January 2017- 26th of March 2017
Group exhibition "Feathers and scales"
"De Trekvogel" in Almere, The Netherlands

11th of January 2016-26th of March 2016
Solo exhibition, “De Trappenberg” in Almere

01th of Augustus 2015-11th of November 2015
Solo exhibition “Bouwmeester” in Almere

April 2015
Group exhibition “Architectuur in Almere” , Rabobank Almere