Till Leeser

Till Leeser

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

About Till Leeser

2007 - 2013 frequent working visits to China
for teaching and exhibitions.
2006 + 2005 lecturer at MIAMI AD SCHOOL Hamburg/Germany
2006 lecturer at DESIGN FACTORY EUROPE Hamburg/Germany
1995-1997 lecturer at UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Hamburg/Germany
1979 until today situated in Hamburg/Germany,
working as a commercial, editorial and art photographer
1977-1979 independent freelance photographer in Paris/France
1977 Master of Arts in Photography and Visual Communications
1973-1977 studied at the Folkwangschule in Essen/Germany,
under Prof.Dr.Otto Steinert and Prof.Willi Fleckhaus
member of the DGPh, German Photographic Association.

Languages: German, English, Italian, French



Folkwangschule Essen Master of Arts


2014 Jan- Feb Zeche Fürst Leopold Dorsten/Germany
2014 Jan- Feb Galerie Art Unikate Gelsenkirchen/Germany
2013 Oct-Jan-2014 “Examples to Follow“ Puebla / Mexico
2013 Galerie Brennwald Kiel/Germany
2013 Galerie Braubach five Frankfurt/Germany
2013„Examples to Follow“ Sao Paolo/Brasil
2012 Vernissage Atelier Heidelberg/Germany
2012 „Examples to Follow“ Beijing/P.R.China
2012 „Examples to Follow“ Addis Abeba / Ethiopia
2012 “essence” On-Off Gallery Hamburg/Germany
2012 Galerie Braubach five Frankfurt/Germany
2012 „Examples to Follow“ Mumbai / India
2012 Kunstforum Markert Hamburg/Germany
2011 Galerie Werft11 Köln/Germany
2011 „Examples to Follow“ Hamburg/Germany
2011 „Examples to Follow“ Bremen/Germany
2011 IBA Hamburg Hamburg/Germany
2011 „Examples to Follow“ Ingoldstadt/Germany
2011 „Examples to Follow“ Dessau/Germany
2011 Fabrik der Künste Hamburg/Germany
2011 „Examples to Follow“ Dessau/Germany
2011 "Galerie Braubach five" Frankfurt/Germany
2010 „Examples to Follow“ Gartow/Germany
2010 Galerie see+ Beijing/ P.R.China
2010 „Examples to Follow“ Berlin/Germany
2010 On Off Art Projects Hamburg/Germany
2010 Galerie Barbara Vogt Hamburg/Germany
2010 Galerie OVDM Paris/France
2009 Verlag der Spiegel Hamburg/Germany
2008 Galerie im Medienhaven Bremen/Germany
2008 Taylor Wessing Hamburg/Germany
2008 Galerie Anna Augstein Fine Arts Berlin /Germany
2008 Städtische Galerie Iserlohn Iserlohn /Germany
2008 4.Triennale der Photographie Hamburg/Germany
2008 Entrollung/ Fabrik der Künste Hamburg/Germany
1999 ZEITBLICKE 30 Jahre BFF Germany/diff.places
1997 University of Applied Sciences Hamburg / Germany
1989 Stern Magazine Hamburg / Germany
1988 Olympus Galerie Hamburg / Germany
1983 Bilderberg, Hamburg / Germany
1982 Foto Art Galerie Frankfurt / Germany
1980 RES-Fotogalerie Hamburg / Germany
1979 J.W.Thompson Frankfurt / Germany
1977 Folkwangschule Essen / Germany
1976 Photokina Köln / Germany