Zoltan Till

Zoltan Till

Budapest, Europe, Hungary

About Zoltan Till

I was born in Budapest in 1977. My attraction to nature stems from the adventurous period of my childhood in the countryside. Later, my technical studies, immersion in the world of physics, and the influence of these two initial experiences formed my art. In my art, therefore, nature and everything connected with it is an important subject. It inspires my work and fills me with excitement that is behind nature and although invisible, elusive, but yet it is the driving force behind everyday events. My goal is to see through art, to capture these invisible forces, and then to incorporate them into a unique pictorial language, to make them open. My paintings are the result of collages constructed from collected photos. Since photography has always been important to me, it is an ideal starting point for making my pictures into which I like to smuggle my feelings and my everyday life full of experiences. I currently live and work in Budapest.


2000 - 2006 Hungarian University of Fine Arts - Painting Faculty, Budapest
2004 Field trip, South-West England


2018 9th Art Fest - 2nd place
2005 Budapest 22. District local government’s scholarship
2005 Essl Award - nomination
2002 West-End Photo Contest – 3rd Place


2019 House of Dialogue, Budapest
2018 9th Art Fest, Budapest
2015 Here and Now – National Salon, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2015 Art Expo, Gallery Room, Budapest
2012 Café Miró, Budapest
2009 eMKá Gallery, Pécs
2009 Crosstalk Festival, Akvárium Club, Budapest
2009 Espacio Enter Canarias, TEA, Canary Islands, Tenerife
2006 Budapest 22.District Cultural Days, Klauzál house
2005 Essl Award, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2004 Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2004 Pannónia 100, ArtHotel, Sopron
2004 BAE, Szentendre
2001 Artpool P60 Gallery, Budapest
2001 Papírhajó Gallery, Budapest