Tim Fowler

Tim Fowler


About Tim Fowler

Tim Fowler lives and works in Leicester England and has been a practicing and exhibiting artist for over 12 years. Tim has shown his work around the world in the US, Ibiza and Germany, with 8 solo exhibitions in London and Leicester.

Tim's main concern within his work is exploring the colour field. Although vivid Tim's works are invariably balanced, using a signature colour palette of extremely bright and intense hues makes his work distinctly recognisable.

His explorations in tone and texture are mainly depicted through portraiture and architectural paintings. He uses a variety of medium within his work combining oil, acrylic, spray, enamel and graffiti inks. Tim subverts traditional and contemporary methods of applying these mediums using brushes, different aperture caps and marker paint mops to orchestrate purposeful marks, strokes, drips, scrapes and smears across the canvas whilst constructing his exciting and dynamic artworks.

Although working with figurative and architectural themes, the subject matter within his work becomes almost inconsequential. Using found and made images as a starting point. Tim builds layers of pigment, adding abstract fragments as well as bold marks, broken lines and liberal strokes to create contours and features, be they of building facades, silver screen legends or his more intimate family scenes. Doing this captures something more interesting than literal representation. This visceral connection to colour is palpably intuitive to Tim, using it as an expression of internal contemplations.

Over the many years of Tim's career this organic relationship with paint and colour has developed and shines through, as he experiments with opacity, texture combinations, finishes and light. The deconstruction of his subject is rebuilt in a cacophony of colour turning recognisable features into their base elements to highlight unseen splendor. Pink plays a central roll within his palette using shades forcefully Tim steers away from traditional portraiture dogma on representation and likeness. Capturing a more delicate essence of the chaotic nature of the human experience.


BA Contemporary Fine Art - Sheffield Hallam


2020 - IMPACT solo exhibition, The Hub, Leicester
2019 - The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2019 - The Other Art Fair LA
2019 - Vivid Icons , solo exhibition, Aviary Art, Pall Mall
2019 - ALPHA male, Solo exhibition at StudionAme
2019 - The Other Art Fair, London
2018 - 100 Skulls, LCB Depot
2018 - The Other Art Fair, London
2018 - The Affordable Art Fair
2018 - Ace Club launch exhibition, The Union Club
2018 - Asylum Group exhibition, Crypt Gallery St Pancras
2018 - The Other Art Fair Brooklyn edition
2018 – Semi Skimmed group exhibition, Jealous Gallery London
2017 – 'Observe' Living in a gallery residency, LCB Light Box Gallery
2017 – 'Urban in Ibiza' Ibiza hosted by The London Westbank Gallery
2017 – 'In Good Company' Solo exhibition
Darren Baker Gallery
2016 – 'Winter Show' group exhibition
Darren Baker Gallery
2016 – 'The Popular Crowd' Pure Evil Gallery
2016 – 'The Popular Crowd' Light Box Gallery
2016 – 'The Big Bang' group exhibition The London Westbank Gallery
2015 – Affordable Art Fair Battersea Folly and Muse Gallery
2015 – Moniker Art Fair Folly and Muse Gallery
2015 – 'Urban in Ibiza'
Group exhibition with The London Westbank Gallery
2015 – 'Colours'
Solo exhibition, The London Westbank Gallery
2014 – Smile Britannia, Charity Art Auction
The Houses of Parliament, curated by The London Westbank Gallery www.smilebritannia.org
2014 – Million Bullet Club, Glastonbury. Waltzer car project
2013 - Love Bullets POP up gallery BoxPark, Shoreditch London
2013 - 'New Portraits'
Great Central Gallery, Leicester
2013 - KLA 30th Anniversary group exhibition New Walk Museum, Leicester
2013 - 'Urban Art' Brixton, London
2013 - 'Million Bullets Club - Love Bullets project' Glastonbury Festival
2012 –‘Open 24’
New Walk Museum, Leicester
2012 – ‘Urban Barrier’
No Format Gallery, London
2012 – ‘Urban Expression’
Solo exhibition, Fabrika Independent Art Centre, Leicester