Toby Carr

Toby Carr

Luz, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

About Toby Carr

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and when I was 10 my family moved to the UK. We settled in a small town on the south coast of Devon, where my appreciation for the ocean and nature blossomed through sailing, surfing and anything else that would get me out on the water.

I studied Illustration and Design at Falmouth School of Art. Following college I began working with an agent illustrating children's books for clients such as Oxford University Press.

But the sea was calling, and when an opportunity to work and travel the high seas on cruise ships came my way I jumped at the chance. I spent four years traveling to all corners of the globe, met my beautiful wife Victoria onboard and together we moved back to Vancouver.

In Vancouver I worked as an artist in the movie and video game industries. But there came a time when I needed a change of focus. I had always been fascinated by the natural flows of energy, nature and Eastern philosophy, so I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and became an Acupuncturist.

We left our life in Canada and moved to Portugal. It was time to follow my dream, to create my own art, and to draw the images I needed to express.

Now, I devote my time to creating large scale black and white charcoal drawings of the ocean, water, coastline scenes, sunsets and distant ocean horizons. I am inspired by the visual impact of black and white art, and I love the contrast working in charcoal brings.

Being by the ocean and in nature inspires in me a sense of appreciation and wonder that I hope to recreate in my drawings. I want people to look at my artwork and be inspired and feel connected to the abundant beauty of the world around us.


Falmouth School of Art - Illustration and Design