Tracie Cheng

Tracie Cheng

New Haven, CT, United States

About Tracie Cheng

I am endlessly inspired by the regular. The mundane. The things we deem boring. The events we've witnessed a million times. There is so much to be unpacked in it all, and that's where my art begins: the every day.

I intentionally absorb life, stories, and experiences in and out of my own normal days, and subconsciously watch them unfold onto the canvas. My paintings are playful and dynamic, moody and uncertain. They are subtle and dreamy, moving in and out of visibility. The language spoken is of the complex patterns, forms, and fractals contained in all the regular things around us. I am interested in creating ethereal spaces that feel familiar and yet completely otherworldly, using the richness of layering and the relationship between line and paint to ask questions of peace, stillness, and the depths of it all. Even in the most ordinary, always seeking the extraordinary.

There is beauty all around us. May we dare to breathe it into our most normal and regular lives.


B. Arch in Architecture
University of Texas at Austin, 2009


2021 Victorian House Gallery, IL
2021 NAVA Contemporary Gallery, online
2017 PATA Gallery, China
2016 New Haven Lawn Club, CT
2016 Jaydon Arts, Vancouver, BC
2016 Restoration Hardware Modern, CA
2015 DaSilva Gallery, CT
2015 Schumacher Gallery, CT
2014 Lyman Center Gallery, CT
2014 Kohn-Joseloff Gallery, CT
2014 Yale University, CT
2013 Mitchell Public Library, CT
2013 Yale PRCH, CT
2013 116 Crown, CT

2019 YJ Gallery, RI
2017 Whitney Center, CT
2017 Malaga Art Fair, Spain
2016 SCOPE Miami, FL
2016 Silvermine Arts Center, CT
2015 The Carriage Barn Arts Center, CT
2014 John Slade Ely Center for Contemporary Art, CT
2013 The Grove, CT
2013 The Armory, CT
2013 360 State Street, CT
2011Yale PRCH, CT
2010 Vox Culture, TX
2009 APW Art Gallery, NY
2008 Santa Chiara Study Center, Italy

2020 Cultured Podcast
2016 Sapere Magazine
2016 Lux Interiors + Design
2015 Design Sponge
2015 Design Milk
2013 "The Perch" Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health